Jonny Crossbones

I stumbled upon a really amazing web comic created by Les McClaine today entitled Jonny Crossbones. The art work is beautiful and the story line is fun. Jonny Crossbones is obviously inspired by Hergé’s Tin Tin books. In fact the drawings look nearly identical in some ways.

Some people could be turned off by this I suppose, writing Crossbones off as a cheap knock-off of Tin Tin, but Hergé is dead and Tin Tin books aren’t written anymore. Complaining about Jonny Crossbones resembling Tin Tin would be like complaining over M Night movies resembling Alfred Hitchcock.

I only have two complaints with the series: only the first two pages are in color. I’m not sure if McClaine plans to release the entire series in color (I hope so) or not. Secondly, the site is not updated with new pages all that often. Hopefully this will eventually improve.


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