Comics vs. time

I have little to no time to write comics, let alone sit down and draw them as of late. This is really odd considering that I sold my Xbox at the very beginning of Freak Comics in order to better concentrate my time on creating my own titles. I guess I need to prioritize my time better and get on some sort of schedule.

If anyone out there has a suggestion or two on how to not procrastinate, I’d love to hear it. I can’t seem to get my act together! I suppose having a 6 month old baby and an “office” located in the dining room (middle of the house) slows things down a bit too. There are non-stop distractions and noises.

Then there’s the whole issue of not having tons of money in the bank at any given moment. In other words: I have to work for a living. The spare time I get is early in the morning and late at night.

The good news in this depressing post, is that I am going to prioritize and get on a schedule, which will allow me to produce high quality comic book titles for you to read, so bare with me.


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