Superman is impossible… who cares?

I just read an article at entitled Science and Superman. It’s a very confusing article because it basically picks apart Superman’s powers and explains why they are impossible. This seems rather ridiculous to myself. Of course Superman is impossible… all super-heros are impossible, but who cares? Comic books, and Super-heroes are not meant to be taken seriously. They are an inflection of our inner selves. They tell a tale of hope and power that humans do not posses. They restore balance to a very unbalanced world and appeal to our inner child.

Above all, Super-heroes entertain. In a world that is consistently cheapened by television reality shows and depressing news stories, comic books help to draw audiences back in to the quiet peace of reading and imagination.

The afore mentioned article finishes up with the following paragraph:

Superman is one of the most fascinating characters in comic books, and he is one of the most recognizable characters on Earth. He is one of those people we wish could exist, but does not. Visitors from other planets are possible. Superman’s not.

This world that we live in seems to grow more scientific and cold everyday. Thankfully comic books cross in to the realm of the unexplained and don’t bother to give an excuse as to why they do it. Sometimes science just isn’t needed.

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