Avengers: The Serpent Crown

Marvel just announced the release of Avengers: The Serpent Crown which collects Avengers #141-144 and #147-149 in to one paper back.

The Avengers must fight a two-front war across space and time that they can’t afford to lose in the classic Perez-drawn Avengers: The Serpent Crown TPB. The twin galactic threats of Kang and the Crown make their move simultaneously, forcing the Avengers to split into two teams to protect not only Earth, but all of reality.

Admist the chaos, an all-out brawl consuming multiple Earths occurs when the Set-serving Squadron Supreme take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in any dimension, the Avengers!

While one team of Avengers battles the Squadron Supreme, another team travels back in time to stop Kang. First, the Avengers find themselves in the nineteenth century trying to keep the West from getting wilder. Then, they must deal with the villianous…President Nelson Rockefeller?!

I love epic battles that span several issues of comics, but hate spending $3 per issue (or more if they’ve hit collector status), so paper back collections are the way to go for me. Unfortunately I must admit that I’ve never even touched an Avengers comic, so maybe I should check this one out.

Avengers: The Serpent Crown


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