More House of M back to print

House of M crossover comics are hot right now, they keep selling out and going back to press. This time around Incredible Hulk #84, Spider-Man: House of M #2, New X-Men #16, and Pulse #10 have all sold out at Diamond. Marvel is sending all of these issues back to press with “Limited edition variants”.

The response to the House of M event from readers and retailers keeps increasing with each new release, retailers should place orders on these new printings as soon as possible, as well as increase orders on upcoming issues. Thank you to everyone for continuing to make this event such a success! David Gabriel, Director of Sales Marvel Comics

I still haven’t bothered to check out the House of M and now I’m kicking myself for it. I am going to attempt to get ahold of all House of M tie-ins and post a review on the series.

The following cover images are beautiful… and large. If you don’t have a fast connection, you’re screwed.

Incredible Hulk #84 Spider-Man: House of M #2

New X-Men #16 Pulse #10

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