The end of Stickman’s adventure

The Adventures of Stickman have drawn to a close with the 33rd strip.

If you haven’t read the Adventures of Stickman yet, download the entire first issue in PDF format and tell me what you think (the quality of images in this PDF are lower than the individual images found on the site).

You may be wondering what is in store for Freak Comics now. I’m happy to say that there are some great titles on the way. A friend of mine has decided to start working on one of these titles to be released as a weekly serial. Lumber Jack will be here soon, and I’ve decided to continue posting my very old, very stupid Sketchman comics for you to make fun of (they really are horrible). I’m considering another issue of Star Trip as well.

The Adventures of Stickman title is up in the air. It may return, but I’m undecided on this. Stickman has been with me for years and I’ve developed lots of other characters in his universe, however I only have interest in writing a daily strip if people are entertained by it. If you’d like to continue reading Adventures of Stickman, let me know. Only you can bring Stickman back by clapping your hands really hard… or by posting a quick comment letting me know you want him to stay.

2 responses to “The end of Stickman’s adventure”

  1. Please, no! Keep Stickman! It’s a great comic, and I really enjoy having it all in one place.

    I understand the need to clear space & bandwidth, but I really enjoy Stickman.

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