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Marvel Comics

It’s zero hour as Anya comes face to face with the terrifying man she believes to be responsible for her mother’s death. Everyone at WebCorps is counting on her, but can she stay focused on her mission? Or is the call to vengeance too strong to resist? Part 2 (of 6).
Straight from the pages of AMAZING FANTASY come the continuing adventures of Anya Corazon – scrappy teen from Brooklyn by day, and butt-kicking Hunter of the ancient and mystical Spider Society by night! What seems like a routine collar turns out to be anything but when the corrupt judge Anya captured reveals a deadly new threat to the Spider Society. While Miguel tangles with an old enemy, a new nemesis arrives on the scene to challenge Anya – in the most unlikely of places! La Voz del Norte calls Araña a “modern, Latina role-model!” Collects ARAÑA: HEART OF THE SPIDER #1-6.
A United Africa – ruled over by Storm and the Black Panther – has become an economic powerhouse and a thorn in Magneto’s side. When Storm speaks out about the persistence of supremacist notions in the mutant-controlled world, a furious Magneto is determined to stop her at any cost, dispatching Quicksilver and Sabretooth to kill The Black Panther. And if neither succeeds: Apocalypse waits in the wings.
Part 1 (of 5)
The Eisner-Award winning run of Bendis and Maleev comes to a blistering conclusion in their final arc! First they outed Daredevil in the press, then they married him, and made him the Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen. What could they possibly do to top that? Four words: WILSON FISK IS BACK!!

It’s more pulse-pounding action from David Lapham as the Eisner-award winner writes, pencils, and inks two of Marvel’s biggest characters! As the mob tries to tighten its grip on New York, things begin to heat up for both Daredevil and the Punisher as the deadly assassin know as Bushwacker enters the fray, seeking to claim a $10 million dollar bounty on the Punisher’s head! And if he has to kill Daredevil in the process, he’ll certainly throw one in for free…
It’s a reunion with destiny as the Fantastic Four once more brave the hazards of outer space for a rendezvous with a fateful cosmic storm – And the secret that lies therein!
Bruce Banner is up against the rampaging fury of one of his greatest foes, The Abomination! But what secrets from demented genius Emil Blonsky’s terrible transformation threaten to destroy the Incredible Hulk? And who else is after them?
Just when it looked like things couldn’t possibly get any worse for our high-tech hero, Adam finds himself on the run from an enemy he didn’t even know he had. And even worse, his father has mysteriously gone missing! It’s up to Adam and his closest friends to take control of the program before it’s too late — but Adam is about to learn the hard way that no one can be trusted!
Ouch – that’s gotta hurt…When Spidey goes toe-to-toe with the mysterious new hero who’s taken a major bite out of the Big Apple, he’ll wish he didn’t. Part 5 (of 6).
Time to toss out that rabbit’s foot at last, True Believer! After thirteen years around the cauldron your luck has paid off—we’re conjuring up a sensational second Doctor Strange Masterworks!
Featuring the mind-blowing ocular occult of Steve Ditko teamed with Stan “The Man” Lee, you’ll want to make sure you nail down your ouija board before breaking this sacred tome open. They’re aided and abetted by Roy Thomas, Dennis O’Neil, Bill Everett, Marie Severin and Dan Adkins. With a roll call like that this one’s anything but cursed!
We’ve got the climactic battle with the dread Dormammu and the cataclysmic intervention of Eternity; in his first-ever appearance the Living Tribunal lays his judgment upon the Earth, and if that’s not enough reality-threatening thrills for you, we pit him head-to-head with Nebulous, Lord of the Planets Perilous. It’s guaranteed to rattle your astral fillings!
The origin of the Ancient One, the return of Baron Mordo, Strange’s struggle against Kaluu while Clea’s life hangs in the balance, and an otherworldly odyssey into deadly dimensions to save the lovely Victoria Bentley are the final incantations in this spell unlike any other ever uttered!
Collecting Strange Tales #142-168 and a gallery of Doctor Strange’s cover appearances across the entire Strange Tales run!
In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Chris Claremont’s first X-Men story, the House of Ideas presents a timeless testament to another true Marvel visionary! Best known for ushering the X-Men from reprints to blockbuster franchise, Claremont has steered Marvel’s mutants for three decades while working alongside some of comicdom’s top artists. This deluxe keepsake edition collects some of his greatest moments – including stories from DAREDEVIL #102; MARVEL PREMIERE #11; IRON FIST #14; UNCANNY X-MEN #137, #153, #205, #268 and ANNUAL #12; AVENGERS ANNUAL #10; WOLVERINE #3; NEW MUTANTS #21; CLASSIC X-MEN #13; EXCALIBUR #16; and X-MEN UNLIMITED #36.
The mystery of the Sentry revealed! What has kept the Sentry a secret from the world, and how will the world react to his re-emerging. Featuring guest stars galore, and the setup for the blistering new Sentry series by Sentry creator Paul Jenkins. Part 3 (of 3).
Rumors of the horrors and atrocities taking place in Emperor Sunfire’s Japan force the New Mutants to go against their orders and protect the Human Rebellion. However, a traitor in their midst might make this mission a failure before it can even begin! Part 2 (of 4).
Reeling from the tragedy they discovered in Winzeldorf, Nightcrawler, Logan, and Christine race to Florida, to the circus where Kurt was branded a freak many years before, to prevent a similar slaughter. But who is putting them through these diabolical paces? And are Kurt and his friends rushing straight into a trap?
Part 3 (of 3).
In the world of the dead, Kim finally comes face-to-face with her true nature and accepts the awesome responsibilities that come with it. But as the Thief exerts his terrible power, Salem may not be around to help her celebrate.
The return of Ultimate Juggernaut! Juggie makes a play for the Gem of Cyttorak, the jewel that will make him truly unstoppable. Only two small things stand in his way: Rogue and Gambit, the new prince and princess of thieves! This story will change the X-Men’s status quo forever!
They turned him into a pawn. They forced him to betray the only people he’s ever trusted. Now, it’s time to get even. Everything you’ve seen till now has just been a warm-up. With the help of an unlikely ally, Wolverine will make sure The Hand, the Dawn of the White Light, and Hydra are never the same again. This is the explosive climax you’ve been waiting for! This battle royale will not only raise the bar on action… after this, there will be NO BAR. Part 6 (of 6).

DC Comics

Day of vengeance #5

The jaw-dropping conclusion of the 4-part “War Crimes!” Batman faces two of his deadliest enemies: criminal mastermind Black Mask and the maniacal Joker! Don’t miss the shock ending that will remove a long-standing character from Batman’s life forever!
The Kids Next Door are all abuzz over the spelling bee — but Queen Bee may just award them the sharp sting of defeat! Plus, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, and more!
A thrilling new collection featuring CATWOMAN #20-24! After the horrifying events in CATWOMAN: RELENTLESS, Selina and Holly look for relaxation on a road trip — but they’re in for way more than they bargained for! Guest-starring Wildcat, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold and more.
The 6-issue miniseries spinning from COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS explodes as Black Alice from BIRDS OF PREY joins the fray! But is her power enough to turn the tide against the Spectre’s mad quest to extinguish all magic in the DCU?
Jack Cross is a one-man solution to direct threats to America’s freedoms. Hired by the enigmatic Karen Huang of the National Security Council, Cross is placed into flashpoint situations with carte blanche to solve problems. He works for hire, but not for money — he’ll only fight for the right cause. And when it is, there’s nothing Cross won’t do to get the job done!
The 30th century’s hottest team nears the breaking point! Layer upon layer of intrigue is revealed as the Legion’s two factions are pushed to the brink, while Cosmic Boy is faced with a deadly decision that could change the face of his team forever.
The penultimate issue of the miniseries spinning out of COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS! Checkmate rallies against the terrifying power of Brother Eye as the satellite begins to execute an apocalyptic final protocol! Can they succeed where the JLA failed?
Presented here are 21 exciting Golden Age solo adventures of The Boy Wonder featuring the talents of Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Curt Swan, Dick Sprang, Jim Mooney, Win Mortimer and more of comics’ finest writers and artists!
A can’t-miss mind-blowing 2-part story by superstar creators Gail Simone (BIRDS OF PREY) and Rob Liefeld (X-Force)! An old foe of Hawk and Dove returns to create chaos on a cosmic scale! Can the Titans save the day?


Albion #3

The 6-issue miniseries reimagining classic British heroes continues! If Penny and Danny were familiar with the prison where Grimly Fiendish, the Hurricane and the Steel Claw were kept, they might have been little more prepared for what they discover in Charles Love’s nostalgia shop…
A new collection featuring the first 6 issues of the explosive maxiseries! The Authority has settled into its role as governing body of the U.S. But with many unhappy Americans and a powerful foe working behind-the-scenes, can a second American Revolution be far behind?
Tucker races through the mountains with Ash Wednesday, a robot of dubious reputation. But when Dad’s dirty secret is revealed and the U.S. President makes a deal with the Nano-Mafia, will Tucker find out that his new main squeeze is as dirty as the rest of Columbia?
Big trouble in central China! Tom lends a hand after a nuclear detonation in central Asia but discovers a spired city in which unusual dangers abound, as well as a lovely adventuress. What does all this have to do with a bizarre children’s book written more than 100 years earlier?
Neopolis is the city of the future, but it’s also full of the roughest and toughest heroes and villains the world has ever known. You’ve met the cast of TOP TEN — Smax, King Peacock, Toybox, Joe Pi and more. Now meet their forebears, who blazed the trail and made Neopolis the city it is today!

Dark Horse

Conan #19

Conan #19
Conan unleashes an ancient evil of extraordinary power in this story that sets the stage for the adaptation of one of Robert E. Howard’s most-praised Conan stories, “The Tower of the Elephant,” beginning next month. Civilization continues to prove unsavory to the Cimmerian barbarian as he navigates through the teeming villainy of the City of Thieves. Determined to profit from this den of peril, Conan attempts to rob a luxuriant temple only to find himself face-to-face with an unscrupulous power bent upon its own escape. Yet, even that may not be as troubling as a woman from Conan’s past who has returned to the scene, unexpectedly.

Dark Horse books

Grendel: Red, White, and Black TPB
Dark Horse is proud to present this second Grendel anthology, in the tradition of the multiple Eisner Award-winning Grendel: Black, White, & Red. Each written by the Devil’s acclaimed creator, Matt Wagner, these short stories are vignettes of the devious misdeeds of Hunter Rose, the first incarnation of Grendel. The tales are illustrated in stark black, white, and blood red by some of the top talents in comics, including Zander Cannon, Andy Kuhn, Ashley Wood, Tom Fowler, Mike Huddleston, Cliff Chiang, John K. Snyder, and more. Collects the original four-issue miniseries along with three previously uncollected Grendel stories drawn by Matt Wagner himself!
Welcome to the vampire city of Saruta, where the sun never rises, and all the vampire children love trying to stay up late. Hipira is a precocious young vampire whose best friend is a fairy named Soul. Hipira and Soul are an odd couple to say the least, and their games, pranks, and adventures are extraordinary even for dwellers of this supernatural city.
Hipira is a delightfully bright twist to traditionally dark subject matter. Filled with fun, wonder, and heart, the illustrations look like they have been pulled off the screen of a top-flight animated feature. Hipira is a children’s book like no other, one that will appeal to readers of all ages.
Japan TPB
Yuka Katsuragi, a beautiful TV news reporter, has attracted the affections of a Yakuza thug, Katsuji Yashima, who travels with his brother all the way to Spain to find her, only to have his affections rebuffed by Yuka. A terrible earthquake hits, and Katsuji, his brother, and Yuka, along with four high-schoolers in Spain on a field trip, all fall deep underground. While trapped below the surface, they encounter a mysterious old woman who reveals to them prophecies that the wealthy nation of Japan will meet the same demise as the once-prosperous city of Carthage. Katsuji and the others insult the old woman, who then sends them to see the world of the future with their own eyes, a future of desolation and death…

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