Grounded Issues #1 and #2 reviewed

I recently had a chance to check out the first two issues of the latest mini series from Image comics entitled Grounded, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The artwork in these books isn’t too shabby. I especially like it when Jonathan (the main character) is reading or remembering comic books. The halftone filter used is great. This series celebrates the joy of comic books, but takes a humorous approach to the whole thing. Jonathan is obsessed with comics. If his nose isn’t buried in a comic book, then he’s running around in a super hero costume. But Jonathan isn’t just a fan boy with an overactive imagination, he’s a fan boy that’s convinced comic books are real and that super heroes are cleverly hiding from the public. And he’s right. Jonathan soon finds himself attending a super hero high school where he’s the only kid without powers.

Grounded is about imagination and the love of comics. It’s about not fitting in, even when you’re in your element. It’s also about comic books and writer Mark Sable does an excellent job of showing us the real, secret life of super heroes.

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  1. I just googled “Grounded” (okay, well I googled “Grounded” and my own name) for the first time in a while and I came across this. I’m glad you picked up both issues and enjoyed it, things only get better from issue 3 on out.

    Thanks for the nice words.

    Mark Sable
    writer/creator GROUNDED

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