I joined a gang

Freak Comics is now part of a gang. No, we don’t drive around shooting other gangs… yet. This is a gang / network (or “net-gang” if you will) of weblogs that feature excellent content and design. So why am I here? No one really knows. The net-gang leader who calls himself Scrivs most likely made a mistake and thought he was emailing Jeffrey Zeldman. At any rate, I will enjoy my temporary induction.

All jokes aside, I’m really happy to be in the 9rules Network. I figured that I would be laughed at, kicked in the pants and sent home crying while all of the cool people wrote posts about how stupid my site is. Guess I underestimated myself.


9 responses to “I joined a gang”

  1. Classic Joey, you inked that ‘tattoo’ with marker on the back of your left hand no doubt in a frenzied state of boredom while trying to figure out a stable form of income for your family. Man i haven’t posted in forever – i really haven’t been online in forever. On a side note, this guy above me is giving mikes everywhere a bad name, seriously – ‘two T’s’ what a load of crap. Anyways – have fun with your gang buddies – as Randy the Robot Killa would say “Im out for blood yo!”

  2. Mike: that is your tattoo, I chopped off your hand and took a picture of it. Just kidding! I didn’t really chop off your hand!

    Colin D. Dvroe: You will be the first because ‘Vulcore’ is right, I drew that tat out of boredom. He knows me too well.

    Chris: Let’s offer ‘insurance’ to the older members, if you get my drift ๐Ÿ˜‰

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