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This time I’ve added two new companies in to the mix, namely Vertigo and Wildstorm. These are actually subsidiaries of DC, but who’s counting?


Mega Morphs 3

4 #22
On Yancy Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, someone–or something–is putting the hurt on the neighborhood’s tough guys. Someone or something very large and very brutal, which is leaving a trail of twisted, broken bodies in its wake. Ben Urich, Jessica Jones, and the FF’s ever-loving blue-eyed Thing are on the case, but what exactly is the nature of the threat they’re facing?
As thick and choking humidity drapes the Manhattan skyline, a brutal crime wave amid an Indian summer descends on the city, threatening to push Hell’s Kitchen to the brink of chaos.

And with the Punisher firing back against the Jackal and Hammerhead — the men who’ve placed a $10 million bounty on his head — by assassinating every two-bit petty crook with mob connections in sight, Daredevil decides to take the action to the psychotic killer himself and end the debate over ways and means once and for all!
When orphaned stunt-show star Johnny Blaze discovers his adoptive father Crash Simpson is dying of a rare blood disease, he barters his immortal soul for a miracle cure. The trade-off ultimately leaves him bound to the demon Zarathos, and their melding of spirits would manifest itself every night in the form of Ghost Rider, the most supernatural super hero of all!
Collecting MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #5-12, GHOST RIDER #1-20 and DAREDEVIL #138.
Move over, Mr. Fantastic–Marvel’s First Family has a brand new star! Franklin Richards finally hits the big time in this one-shot special, collecting all four critically-acclaimed FRANKLIN RICHARDS: SON OF A GENIUS stories from the pages of POWER PACK! What could be better than that? How about a brand-new story that sees Franklin and H.E.R.B.I.E. gearing up for the wildest Halloween in Marvel history?! It’s “fun” with a capital “FF”!
It’s voodoo chaos in the Big Easy as the reanimated dead are crawling out of their graves and overrunning the streets. Gambit may be the only person who can save the city from an undead apocalypse, but he’s got bigger problems at the moment: two women, both heartbroken, both angry and both demanding his head on a platter. Plus: As a thief, Gambit has faced some risky jobs, but this may be his most dangerous yet: He’ll have to infiltrate the heavily-fortified home of the world’s most powerful mutants. That’s right…Gambit’s got to swipe something right from under the noses of his teammates, the X-Men!
After everything that’s happened, Greg decides to stop being Gravity. But just when he thinks he’s out of the super-hero business for good, he gets sucked back in. Boy, does he EVER get sucked back in!

The good news: Ethan Edwards finally knows who he really is, and where he’s from. The bad news: He can’t handle the truth. Is Ethan doomed to carry out the bloody legacy of his people? And if he is, can Spider-Man hope to stop him? Part 6 (of 6).
There’s no question we’re back and better than ever, so brace yourself for the fabulous 50th Masterworks volume featuring a brand new Silver Age success story—Captain Marvel!

That’s right, True Believers, the space-born super hero is coming at you with scintillating science fiction in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Crafted by the titanic talents of Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gene Colan with a hearty helping from inheritors Arnold Drake and Don Heck, you’re going to need your breathing potion to keep up with the Kree Captain!

Branded a traitor by the vicious Colonel Yon-Rogg of the Kree for defending the people of Earth, Captain Mar-Vell assumes the human identity of Walter Lawson and becomes the planet’s protector against an awesome array of interstellar baddies! Prepare to batten down the hatches for battles with the massive Sentry #459, the savage Super-Skrull, Prince Namor of Atlantis himself and Quasimodo the Living Computer! While you’re at it don’t forget to grab some tissues for the heartbroken Medic Una as the good Captain falls for Avenger-to-be Carol Danvers in her first-ever appearance!

Here’s to another 50 volumes of Masterworks magic!

Variant jacket also available.
Now able to track the mysterious source that controls Dr. Van Roekel’s augmented army, Storm, Iron Man, The Human Torch and the Thing track Elektra to the jungles of the Amazon where they discover more than they bargained for—a full-on battle with The Imperfects. But can they survive long enough to turn the possessed assassin?
What do you get when you cross five of the world’s greatest super heroes—all piloting state-of-the-art combat mecha—with a 200-foot tall robot designed to kill Godzilla? You get a fight scene. And when that fight is choreographed by Eisner Award nominee Sean McKeever and Lou Kang, you can bet it’s going to be a clever fight scene. What is Dr. Doom’s sinister plan with Red Ronin? And what are Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Hulk, and Captain America going to do about it? Well, they’re not gonna sit around and let it happen, that’s for sure!
Ismael Ortega’s young daughter is about to go through the most important day of her life—the Rite of Mutant Transcendancy. But when a group of terrorists plan on interrupting the ceremony to take out Ismael, who gets caught in the crossfire? (Don’t look at the cover!)
The Conclusion of PURPLE REIGN — 1/3 of the team is hospitalized — 1/3 of the team is AWOL and 1/3 of the team has to fight the maniacal manipulations of Killgrave the Purple Man — if they can avoid fighting each other first!

Half of everything you think you know hits the fan and when we find out Purple Man’s big secret, the other half hits it, too!
Powers are dropping out of the sky, leaving bloody bodies in their wake. When one of the victims is revealed to be the cosmic guardian of our galaxy, Homicide Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim find themselves knee deep in cosmic doo. And if things weren’t bad enough, Internal Affairs would like to have a word with Detective Pilgrim.
All that and it’s a perfect jumping on point for new readers!
From the writer of some of your favorite marvel comics, (New Avengers, House of M, Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, Secret War) comes a brand new chapter from the award winning book!
Fans of Jessica Jones have waited two years for two things. The return of award-winning artist Michael Gaydos to the pages of the book he was born to draw and the birth of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s baby. And guess what? They are both here!!!
Plus: Luke Cage needs a new costume, bad!! The quest starts here.
A New Avengers tie-in book guest-starring the Fantastic Four, Carol Danvers and, duh, the New Avengers.
This deluxe hardcover collects PUNISHER MAX VOL. 1: IN THE BEGINNING and PUNISHER MAX VOL. 2: KITCHEN IRISH, plus a hefty helping of DVD-style extras! In IN THE BEGINNING, Frank Castle’s old associate Microchip is back, and he’s after the Punisher. But first, he’s got an offer for Frank that he’d better not refuse. Get ready for blazing bullets, bloodbaths and bold beginnings! In KITCHEN IRISH, Frank Castle embarks on a deadly mission that pits him against two rival gangs when a bomb explodes in a Hell’s Kitchen pub. One thing is certain: The Punisher won’t be pulling his punches! Collects PUNISHER #1-12.
Special guest-star issue! Two more looks into the world of the wall-crawler! First, at an underworld bar, patrons place bets on the outcome of a battle between Spidey and the Hulk! Then, a field trip by Peter Parker’s class takes a turn for the dangerous when it ends up at Ground Zero in a battle between the Thing and the Absorbing Man!
Fans of Jessica Jones have waited two years for two things. The return of award-winning artist Michael Gaydos to the pages of the book he was born to draw and the birth of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s baby. And guess what? They are both here!!!
Plus: Luke Cage needs a new costume, bad!! The quest starts here.
A New Avengers tie-in book guest-starring the Fantastic Four, Carol Danvers and, duh, the New Avengers.
Following the wrap-up on Marvel’s legendary Mighty Thor series, Oeming and Kolins travel back in Marvel history to bring you a classic Thor adventure! Stepping out of the past of the glorious days of Kirby, Lee, and Buscema, Thor: Blood Oath presents Thor in his prime, with your favorite cast, including Odin, Balder, The Warriors Three and more!

The Warriors Three are put on trial for murder by the Giants. Standing besides his brothers-in-arms, Thor ties himself to their fate. The Warriors Three and Thor are sent on an impossible journey by the Giants to pay their “weird” a blood price for the killing of a Giant’s son.

Thor and his three allies will journey across the lands, through Greece, Midgard, Asia and Africa, clash with gods, monsters, the dead, and occasionally each other
Ex-cop Pat Mulligan’s sick of playing nice. While he’s been struggling to control the alien symbiote Toxin, Razor-Fist ups the ante –and the body count – again, bringing terror to New York City. His latest victim strikes horribly close to home, but when Pat decides to take the gloves off, will he do the right thing? Or give himself over to Toxin’s base instincts? It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for: Toxin vs. Razor-Fist…and this time, it’s personal.
It’s mutant against mutant—brother against brother—as Cyclops and his X-Men risk their lives to take down the young man known as Havok, who has unwittingly become a pawn in Magneto’s deadly game. Plus, an unexpected appearance by another hero from the Ultimate Universe turns the dangerous situation from bad to worse. Part 3 (of 5)
The Weapon X saga continues to catapult you into the future! Agent Zero finally learns the awful truth of what happened to the Neverland death camps! Plus this issue also sees the debut of the all-new—you better believe it—all-different X-Men!
X-MEN #175
Parts 1 of a 4-part crossover with BLACK PANTHER!

The X-Men travel deep to the heart of Africa to investigate reports of strange, mutated animals roaming wild near Wakanda. But what happens when their discoveries lead them to the King of Wakanda himself—T’Challa, the Black Panther?!
This issue leads into BLACK PANTHER #8!


Hawkman #44

A VILLAINS UNITED tie-in! Get ready for Superman vs. Black Adam — and Doctor Psycho will be there to pick up the pieces!
Acclaimed writer Frank Miller (THE DARK KNIGHTS RETURNS) and artists Jim Lee and Scott Williams (BATMAN: HUSH) are back for the second thrilling installment of the year’s most anticipated comics event! And this stellar creative team has brought its “A” game to this imaginative new interpretation of the origin of these celebrated comic-book icons!

After witnessing his parents’ brutal deaths, Dick Grayson’s life is seemingly destroyed. But Batman whisks the young lad into his care and promises him something Bruce never had: retribution.
Based on the hit cartoon on Kids’ WB! Batman is on the hunt for Catwoman after a string of burglaries, but Catwoman’s claiming she’s innocent!
Part 4 of the 5-part “Snow.” Batman’s operatives encounter Mr. Freeze and come to grips with the madman’s plan to bring his wife back against all odds.
Featuring guest art by Javier Pulido (HUMAN TARGET)! The connection between Breach and the villainous Herdsman is brought to light! Troops and scientists from Otherside find evidence that no one who has had contact with the Rifters can be trusted, not even Breach!
A special VILLAINS UNITED tie-in! Trapped in a remote power installation by the Society, Firestorm —and a mysterious girl called Gehenna —must defeat Black Adam’s army of supervillains to escape!
Part 1 of the 4-part “Heading into the Light,” spinning out of the events of IDENTITY CRISIS! Green Arrow faces off against an old villain who’s suddenly become much more deadly. His name is Doctor Light, and he wants revenge on the heroes who violated his mind! Guest-starring Black Lightning and the JLA!
There’s a new Hawkman in town, as Golden Eagle assumes the mantle of the Hawk! But has he already gone too far? The villains responsible for destroying Carter Hall are disappearing one by one, until only the true mastermind remains…
JLA #118
The two concluding issues written by Geoff Johns (THE FLASH, TEEN TITANS) and Allan Heinberg (The O.C.) double-ship in September!

In JLA #118, part 4 of the 5-part “Crisis of Conscience,” the knockdown-dragout battle between Martian Manhunter and Despero continues, as the fight that began on the JLA Watchtower ends on Earth! Meanwhile, Superman intervenes in the Justice League’s vote to mindwipe the Secret Society of Super Villains, and Zatanna makes a fateful decision.
JSA #77
Alan Scott pays a visit to Hal Jordan as Hal prepares to leave Earth with Donna Troy. But Alan has one last favor to ask Hal, and it will be one of the hardest things a Green Lantern has ever tried to accomplish!
The first archive in a series collecting the adventures of Kamandi, the last boy on Earth, by Jack Kirby! In these tales from KAMANDI #1-10 (1972-1973), Kamandi —one of the few survivors of the Great Disaster — must make his way in a world populated by bizarre mutated animals and other strange wonders!
Dick Grayson’s gone undercover. Maybe too far undercover! When the criminals whose trust he’s earned stab him in the back, the parts of his life that have been under wraps come to the surface. And why is Deathstroke the Terminator at the head of Dick’s crime world?
The showdown between Plas and his adopted stepdaughter’s fiancé boyfriend friend with no benefits! Beware the wrath and rage of El Rey! Don’t miss another exciting issue of the series nominated for two Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards!
The course of the war takes a surprise turn as traitors and unexpected allies reveal themselves. As battle rages, a world is reborn —but one warrior makes the ultimate sacrifice!
The course of the war takes a surprise turn as traitors and unexpected allies reveal themselves. As battle rages, a world is reborn —but one warrior makes the ultimate sacrifice!
The course of the war takes a surprise turn as traitors and unexpected allies reveal themselves. As battle rages, a world is reborn —but one warrior makes the ultimate sacrifice!


Wildcats: nemesis #1

ABC: A-Z is the first in a series of six one-shot specials featuring card-stock covers brought to you by an amazing collection of comic book creators, filled with page after page of informative material guaranteed to satisfy ABC fans everywhere! This initial volume reveals all the secrets and will answer any questions about Tom Strong and Jack B. Quick, along with their supporting casts and gadgets!
Desolation Jones continues his pursuit of what may be the foulest artifact ever created by man! As he makes his way through the filthy denizens of L.A.’s seediest district, he becomes acquainted with a woman who can shed some light on his task — but there are some willing to do anything to see that he fails!
Featuring guest art by Georges Jeanty (Gambit) and an appearance by Zealot! Majestic sets out to discover the secrets of the hidden Kherubim technology lacing the planet’s crust. But someone isn’t happy about that, and Majestic is targeted for execution.
A spectacular new chapter in the WildStorm Universe is revealed in this exciting 9-issue miniseries written by Robbie Morrison (THE AUTHORITY) with art by Talent Caldwell (SUPERMAN: GODFALL), Horacio Domingues (Lazarus Jack) and Matt Banning (Uncanny X-Men, The Darkness)! Zealot and her Coda sisters are the elite warrior-class on their homeworld of Khera, feared throughout the galaxy. A single name, however, strikes fear and hatred into their hearts: Nemesis!

Framed for the betrayal and slaughter of the Kheran military forces on Earth at the dawn of mankind, rogue warrior Charis Adrastea embarks on an epic quest to avenge the massacre, uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire universe. Hunted by friend and foe alike, she takes the name “Nemesis” — from the Greek goddess of vengeance, whose myth she inspires. Now, as her blood-soaked quest nears its end, only the Wildcats can stop her!

This miniseries plunges readers into the midst of the one-woman war Nemesis has been fighting for millennia. Each issue features a present-day sequence with art by Caldwell as she nears her quest’s end, and a flashback with art by Domingues that reveals her origins and follows her vendetta as it spans human history!


Mnemovore #6

100 BULLETS #64
Jack heads to Atlantic City, slowly picking up the pieces of his shattered life working as an underground bare-knuckle boxer. But wherever he goes, trouble’s sure to follow, and when Graves pays him a visit, the ex-junkie soon realizes he’s in for the fight of his life.
The final chapter of the 5-part “Homelands.” Boy Blue continues his enforced history lesson at the hands of The Adversary, his captor, and is finally reunited with his lost love. But is Happily Ever After even possible after so many centuries apart? Will he spend the rest of his life in captivity, or, when things look darkest for our hero, is it possible he still has one last trick up his sleeve?
Continuing Mike Carey’s acclaimed run on HELLBLAZER, BLACK FLOWERS rachets up the suspense as Constantine begins to see — and battle — the signs of a coming apocalypse in the stories “The Game of Cat and Mouse,” the 2-part “Black Flowers” and the 3-part “Third Worlds” from issues #181-186.
Time and memory strobe into a blur as Kaley clashes with both Mike Neville and the mnemovore in the series conclusion. Tested to the limits of sanity and physical endurance, Kaley vows to complete one last task: exact total vengeance for her shattered life…at any cost.
A new edition of the classic collection featuring the landmark PREACHER #1-7!

Merging with a bizarre spiritual force called Genesis, Preacher Jesse Custer becomes completely disillusioned with the beliefs that he had dedicated his entire life to. Now possessing the power of the word, an ability to make people do whatever he utters, Custer begins a violent and riotous journey across the country. Joined by his girlfriend Tulip and the hard drinking Irish vampire Cassidy, the Preacher loses faith in both man and God as he witnesses dark atrocities and improbable calamities during his exploration of America.
Continuing the new editions of the classic PREACHER trade paperbacks! This volume contains PREACHER #8-17.

In this continuing saga of the bizarre life of a faithless Texas preacher, Jesse Custer heads to the south to confront the extremely dysfunctional family that abused him as a child and planted the original seeds of his disillusionment with the world. Now merged with a half angelic, half demonic being, the former preacher looks to exact revenge against those who simultaneously raised and destroyed him. Then after exorcising his personal demons, Jesse, his girlfriend Tulip, and their friend Cassidy, the Irish vampire, head west to a party of Babylonian proportions.
The third amazing new edition in the PREACHER series, collecting issues #18-26.

Jesse Custer heads for France to rescue Cassidy, the Irish vampire, from the clutches of religious fanatics. His search leads him into a no-holds-barred battle against the forces of the Grail. Also told here is the story of how Cassidy became a vampire in the first place.
A new edition of the classic collection featuring PREACHER SPECIAL: SAINT OF KILLERS #1-4, PREACHER SPECIAL: THE STORY OF YOU-KNOW-WHO and PREACHER SPECIAL: THE GOOD OLD BOYS, starring Arseface, the Saint of Killers, and Jody and T.C., the evil bastards of Angelville who haunted the Preacher’s childhood.
A new edition of the trade paperback featuring PREACHER #28-33.

In the fifth installment of the Preacher saga, Jesse, his girlfriend Tulip, and their vampire friend Cassidy head down South in hopes of recovering from their encounter with the forces of the Grail. But during their planned “down time” Jesse must face off against an enraged Arseface who seeks to avenge his father’s death, while Tulip deals with Cassidy’s startling declaration of love for her. As a bonus, this edition also includes the story of Cassidy’s first and only adventure with a fellow vampire.
This new edition collects the story of Jesse Custer’s ultimate battle with the Saint of Killers and the forces of Starr — and the catastrophic outcome — originally presented in PREACHER #34-40. Also included: the PREACHER SPECIAL: ONE MAN’S WAR one-shot profiling the villainous Starr.
A new edition of the classic collection featuring PREACHER #41-50, in which Jesse Custer becomes the sheriff of a troubled Texas town. This volume includes a cover gallery and reprints issue #50’s pin-ups of the PREACHER cast by Jim Lee, Fabry, Tim Bradstreet, John McCrea, Doug Mahnke, and more.
A new edition of the collection including PREACHER #51-58 and the one-shot PREACHER: TALL IN THE SADDLE.

Following the events of the PREACHER: SALVATION collection, Jesse Custer wants to renew his quest to find God and hold him accountable for all of his actions. But before he can continue down that path, he must reunite with his girlfriend Tulip. In this edition, we look back and see how Jesse and Tulip first met as well as how she became so deadly proficient with a gun. Also, after making amends with his love, Jesse seeks revenge against his former friend and compatriot Cassidy for the things that the Irish vampire did to Tulip during the time that they both believed the Preacher to be dead.
A new edition of the classic trade paperback featuring PREACHER #59-66, the final chapter in the Preacher storyline and the conclusion of Jesse Custer’s quest to literally find God and take Him to task for the world’s injustices. As the Preacher’s crusade draws to an end, all of the players converge at the Alamo for a final showdown. With the love of his life, Tulip, by his side, Jesse makes his last stand against all of his enemies, including the Irish vampire known as Cassidy, whom he used to call friend. But as the dust settles in the Texas desert, no one can believe how this epic battle of good versus evil will end.

Dark Horse

Blade of the Imortal #105

Blade of the Immortal #105: Duet
The feud between the Ittö-ryü and the Mugai-ryü heats up as Anotsu renews his quest for revenge. Still reeling from the Mugai-ryü surprise attack that wiped out most of his troops, Anotsu rallies his surviving followers and sets a new plan of attack in motion. Manji finally meets with Habaki Kagamura, leader of the shadowy Mugai-ryü, and they sit down to discuss Manji’s past, his connection to Habaki, and the kessen-chu bloodworms that grant him immortality. Intrigue and surprises in another tense installment from Hiroaki Samura!
BMW Films’: The Hire #3 (of 6)
The Driver’s passenger is a nobody, lower echelon bureaucrat. There’s no reason anyone would want to kidnap the guy. So why are he and the Driver being pursued by thugs in semi-trucks and helicopters? And what to the Feds know about the situation that the Driver doesn’t?

In the midst of a high-speed cross-country – and across rooftops! – chase, the Driver must figure out who or what the bad guys are after if he and his passenger are to survive!

Buckle-up and put the pedal down for another white-knuckle adventure with the smoothest, coolest character to ever slide behind the wheel!
Samurai: Heaven and Earth #5 (of 5)
The epic miniseries roars to its climactic issue! After thousands of miles and countless battles, the samurai Shiro has found his love, Yoshiko, amidst the fabulous wealth of Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles. Even if the mirrored halls must run red with blood, Shiro will make good on his vow that he and Yoshiko will be together… “If not life, then in death.” Nothing can stand in his way-not the King’s Musketeers, not even a plot to assassinate Louis himself!

Dark Horse books

Jingle Belle TPB
Tired of remaining an unsung–so to speak–icon of the holiday season in spite of her best efforts, Jingle defies her father’s “no publicity” edict and creates an animated TV special with her elfin friends. But before it hits the airwaves, Jing must overcome new adversaries … contemporary TV executives!

Next, determined to prove herself worthy of the Claus legacy, Jingle leaves the North Pole to take over a struggling Santaland amusement park. Little does the mild-mannered owner realize, though, that the “revitalization” will result in an over-the-top, Vegas-style Christmas casino! And what’s an elf-girl to do when the local mob tries to horn in on the action? Raise the stakes, that’s what!

In addition to vignettes from Jing’s past boyfriends, this also includes short stories illustrated by J. Bone and Stephanie Gladden, featuring other characters Paul Dini has created–such as Sheriff Ida Red of Mutant Texas! Collecting the four-issue miniseries.
Little and Large HC
Here is another delightful book from writer/artist Tony Millionaire featuring two interconnected stories that tie together for the happiest of endings.

When Ann Louise’s grandfather crashes through the woods to cut down a tree for use in his workshop, he never stops to think about all the creatures making their home in it. Uncle Gabby then meets a spider displaced from his tree house and begins a quest to find him a new place to live.

A weathervane? A dollhouse? A goose-wagon? Sadly, no, no and no!

But what is Grandfather building from the lumber?
Trigun Anime Manga Volume 2 TPB
Wolfwood, the man of the cloth with the cross, is also a gunman with a past. Like Vash, Wolfwood travels to find redemption in the desert but continually finds that confrontations with one’s past can be far more deadly than a duel with pistols. Will these two kindred souls walk the same path or find each other obstacles to survival?
ZombieWorld: Winter’s Dregs TPB
The end of the world is near. The dead walk the earth and feed on the flesh of the living. The birth of a terrifying new world is at hand. ZombieWorld, the comic-book series that set the standard for comics of the undead is back in a massive trade paperback. Bob Fingerman and Tommy Lee Edwards take us into the darkened subway tunnels of New York, where the rats aren’t the only things that bite, in the critically-acclaimed Winter’s Dregs. Kelley Jones spins his own twisted tale of love and the undead in Eat Your Heart Out. A family’s Christmas gathering has a few unexpected arrivals in Gordon Rennie and Gary Erskine’s Home For the Holidays. And the apocalypse proves to be more horrifying than anyone ever imagined in Pat Mills and J. Deadstock’s Tree of Death.

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