Freakcomics 4.0

As you can clearly see, the new Freak Comics design has finally been implemented. What does this mean for you, the loyal reader? A more aesthetically pleasing environment for you to view the same great articles.

Unfortunetly this new design needs a small amount of work. This is because it handles images differently (better) than the previous designs. There have been lots of posts all using the old image structure system, and each post must be updated. This means that when you read certain articles, you may notice a glitch or two. Not to worry though, these should all be worked out tomorrow and you’ll be reading all of your favorite articles once more.

With this new design comes a slight change in format: no more Wednesday Release list. I have decided to forgo the posting of this list since the same information can readily be found elsewhere on the internet. This should be a welcome change to you, the reader, being that it will free up more time for myself to write quality content, rather than use up that time on a boring list.


5 responses to “Freakcomics 4.0”

  1. Clean is good. Skinny is good. But, it’s a little anorexic. Perhaps a little less whitespace?

    You just described my looks down to the last detail: clean, skinny, anorexic and way too white!

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