Stephen King to join Marvel

Stephen King will be teaming up with Marvel to create a new series based off of the main character from his epic Dark Tower series. The comic will launch April of 2006 and will be illustrated by Jae Lee (Marvel seems to have a fixation on guys with the last name Lee).

If you’ve read my past articles, or listened to the recent podcasts, you know that I have a distaste for Marvel. I’m not a huge Stephen King fan either. The few stories I’ve read of his were OK, but I didn’t find him to be the most eloquent writer. When his books are translated in to movies, they are just terrible (Secret Window, case in point) as is oft the case with any book. Stephen King’s ideas are good though, and I’m interested in seeing what he can pull off when he turns his talents to a comic book.

I really doubt this will give a massive boost to Marvel. For that to happen they need to scrap their writers and start fresh.

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  1. Gotta disagree here, I think this is going to be pretty massive for Marvel and comics in general. I’ll agree that I don’t really like the guy having only read a few things (movies were rubbish, but I remember enjoying Misery for what it was).

    The appeal to the outside people, i.e Stephen King writing a comic book, is enough for people to turn their heads. In the past whenever I wanted to give Dark Knight Returns some credit I’d say Stephen King loves it (based on the quote on the back). So saying hell Stephen King sees the power of this medium as a method to tell stories, don’t plast a stigma on it. Open your DAMN EYES.

    Unfortunately we’re fighting a battle which is pretty damn hard to win. But we’ve got to try eh?

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