Freak Comics 4.1

Just before joining the 9rules Network I decided to abandon the posting of press releases in their standard form. I feel this is a cheap way to blog. However, there is also some valuable information in the press releases that I receive, and I wanted to be able to bring this content to you, while still maintaining a higher standard for my actual articles that I write.

Enter the new side bar. You’ll notice on the right of your screen a couple of small tabs. One labeled ‘News’, the other ‘Newest releases’. News gives you just that: news via press releases and information gathered from other sites. This will feature short blurbs that I find interesting and brief news articles… things that just don’t quite constitute writing a full article. Another small feature will be added to this section later today, namely: when a press release is posted, you will be informed that it is such. This way you can be sure of the type of content you’re reading: original or prefabbed.

Newest Releases is a place you can go to check out what’s hitting the shelves of your local comic shop that week. Currently this only features releases from Marvel (aka: the devil), but I’m working on a way to bring you comic releases from a wide array of companies.

There are a couple of small browser bugs to work out (mainly for Internet Explorer 6… big suprise) and these will be addressed as soon as possible. I will also be adding an RSS feed for the news and the newest releases very shortly.

This is just the start of some of the new features I’ll be giving away at If you think that’s cool, wait until you see today’s Adventures of Stickman!


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