The Adventures of Stickman #43

Much to the dismay of many faithful Freak Comics readers, The Adventures of Stickman #43 didn’t go live yesterday… nor did it this morning as I had planned, but for good reason!

The wait is over and now you can view this and every issue of Stickman in a new easier to read format. This new Comic section is linked in the navigation below the heading “Extras”.

But that’s not all! Stickman’s format has changed significantly. Gone are the days of 4 panel newspaper-esque Stickman strips. No my friends, Stickman will now be writen in standard comic book size! If that’s not enough for you, try this out: Stickman’s new day will be every Friday and will feature two pages… two full pages rather than 4 small panels! That’s a major undertaking for myself, but I’m up for the task.

Now stop reading this post and start reading The Adventures of Stickman #43.

5 responses to “The Adventures of Stickman #43”

  1. hmmm….much improved but the camel on 43 pg.2 looks kinda weird, kinda really weird, kinda really looks like a camel shaped mountain with no hind legs weird but good stuff none-the-less.

  2. nice comic i write and illatrate comics in school and my teacher loves them so much that she yells at me when i do’em

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