Batman: Defenders of the Night

I’ve had an email sitting in my inbox for a couple of days now alerting me to a new fan movie that was added to the I was unable to check in to this movie as I’ve been extremely busy. However I arose at 5:30am today in order to get some extra work done, and started out by watching Batman: Defenders of the Night.

I’m fairly certain that this movie started out with good intentions: making a cool Batman film to pass the time (sure beats the monotony of watching the repo man take your possessions each day), and then turned in to a poor attempt at humor, and then spiraled in to a nightmarish crap fest.

There was so much wrong with this film that I’m not sure where to begin… so I’ll begin with the name, Batman: Defenders of the Night. Batman is a singular entity. If he were a symbiotic being the title would be appropriate, however he isn’t, so it’s not. The title is obviously referring to Batman and his man-child-love-slave, Robin, therefore it should be entitled “Batman and Robin: Defenders of the Night”, or perhaps “Kourosh Rahimpour and Arvin Tounian: Two Dorks Who Think They Will Pick Up Babes After This Movie but Actually Just Impress Their Mothers”. Title too long? OK try this one: “Kourosh and Arvin: Virgins for Life”.

Dear Michael (aka Riddler/Roof Thug #1), I wish I could go back in time and erase the hellish cackling cry of your “voice” from my memory. You sound like a crow.

Note to everyone involved in this movie: you should never make a “film” again. The next time you are working on your Camaros and you feel that tingling urge to throw on some pajamas and call yourselves “super heroe’s” for the afternoon, resist. Just pop open another cool can of Bush beer and watch some reality television.

Oh, by the way, you really should not promote your poorly designed finance website with a poorly made Batman Fan Film, or any other fan film for that matter. It tends to make people question your credibility. (Update: as of this update no longer hosts this video).

Watch this stink fest yourself and post your own oppinions.

Note:this article has been edited. Under the request of the “actor” who portrayed the Riddler, Michael, I have removed his last name.


10 responses to “Batman: Defenders of the Night”

  1. its creepy how much the riddler in the picture above looks like Travis. Maybe he’s been moonlighting as the riddler and was too ashamed to tell us.

  2. What’s really funny is that “the riddler” contacted me to have his last name removed from the article. I guess he’s the owner of

  3. He’s actually not the owner. No one on camera was the owner. That guy was just helpin us out putting it up. We just made that movie cuz we thought it would be fun and people would laugh. People took it way too serious and may even have gotten mad at us. So we’re gonna make a another one in early 2006, just for you!!

  4. Joe, for the record, I’m the owner of the website. Even though you took a cheap shot at my website’s credibility, I thought the article you wrote was hilarious. I rarely laugh out loud when I’m by myself, but you made me do it. So, I give you credit. -Art

  5. Bad Credit Loans / Art: I call ’em how I see ’em. Glad you got a laugh out of the review. Sometimes people don’t realize that these articles are often meant as a tongue-in-cheek take on whatever subject they may be covering.

    Konstantinos: Yes you definitely do. It’s horrible, yet oh so delightful.

  6. […] Last month I wrote a review on Batman: Defenders of the Night, a fan film that was… interesting to say the least. Recently I was able to get the creator / director / writer / star of the film, Kourosh Rahimpour to sit down and answer a few questions about the film. I found that he is a really nice guy, considering that I bashed his film in to the ground in my review. […]

  7. […] Like many of you I didn’t fully appreciate his first firm upon first viewing. I wrote a scathing review and hoped I would never lay eyes on another work of Kourosh. Yet after watching Batman: Defenders of the Night 10 or 12 more times I was nearly ready to quit my job and follow the ways of Kourosh (you know: move back to my parents house and make little known Batman films with my gay buddies). […]

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