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Once upon a time, the Queen of Fables unleashed Kryptonian nightmares on the people of Metropolis and she would not stop until Superman was hers. Will the Man of Steel live happily ever after…or not at all?


The Spectre’s rampage against all magic in the DCU brings him to Atlantis, and the whole nation faces destruction unless Tempest can stop him! Meanwhile, unaware that his native land is under attack, Aquaman must deal with the new, improved Black Manta!


The Joker’s taking the Batmobile for a joyride through Gotham City! Batman’s going to have his hands full when the Clown Prince of Crime takes over the rules of the road.


The thrilling mini-series conclusion! Batman comes to the realization that all is not what it seems in his investigation of a bizarre, ritualistic killer. And the revelations that follow may make him wish he’d never left Gotham!


Part 2 of the 3-part “Blaze of Glory” by Will Pfeifer (CATWOMAN) and Chris Weston (THE FILTH)! A thief who’s been put away by Batman relives the humiliating moment of his capture and plots revenge by planning an atrocity no one in Gotham will ever forget!


DC Comics is proud to present its first-ever collection celebrating the greatest stories by comics mastermind Will Eisner starring one of the most indelible characters ever created: The Spirit! THE BEST OF THE SPIRIT reprints 22 Spirit sections from 1940-1950, featuring famous first appearances, classic confrontations, human interest tales, and all those magnificent splash pages!

Eisner’s blue-suit-clad, fedora-wearing crimefighter starred in hundreds of newspaper adventure stories that thrilled readers with Eisner’s groundbreaking style. Eisner was a master of utilizing the comics format to its greatest strengths, and his Spirit stories are some of his finest examples!

This volume also features an introduction by New York Times best-selling novelist Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN).


An INFINITE CRISIS tie-in! In deep space, Firestorm and guest star Animal Man follow Donna Troy’s team to a rendezvous with cosmic destiny — and a deadly battle with an army of wingmen over a priceless Thanagarian artifact.


The stunning conclusion of the 4-part “Heading Into the Light!” Dr. Light enters Star City, his targets: Ollie, Conner, and Mia. Black Lightning has vowed to stand by the archer’s side until the bitter end, but will it be enough stop the approaching wave of destruction?


Part 1 of the 3-part “Coalition in Crisis,” continuing in the aftermath of THE RANN-THANGAR WAR and featuring art by Chris Batista (JLA)! In the wake of the events of RANN/THANAGAR WAR #6, Hawkman and Hawkgirl join forces with Adam Strange to battle alien invaders seeking to destroy the planet Rann!

JLA #123

A disbanded JLA works both sides of the same case in “World Without a Justice League” Part 4 of 6! The Key has captured Manitou Dawn, intending to use her magical abilities to help him quiet all the voices in his head — by killing millions of innocent people!


Get ready for a thrilling 2-issue miniseries written and painted by Christopher Moeller (JLA: A LEAGUE OF ONE)! The JLA members find themselves caught between two warring factions in a deep space conflict that threatens to split the Earth’s mightiest super-team down the middle! Time is of the essence, causing the group to quickly choose sides — which may be the heroes’ first mistake!

As the battle escalates, the team realizes that it must amp-up its collective powers and abilities — leading to the first use of the JLA’s towering battle-ready armor!


There’s a war in Heaven, and Earth is the battleground in this volume collecting the supernatural 4-issue miniseries! A ragtag squad of WWII G.I.s must recover the mysterious Sword of God, a heavenly artifact coveted by angels, demons, and Nazis!

“You’ll get a charge from LIGHT BRIGADE, a must-have book that should be on everybody’s must-have list!” — Entertainment Weekly


Nightwing’s long and winding road has landed him under Deathstroke’s thumb in the most vicious collection of villains ever assembled! Now, it’s time for Dick Grayson to take matters into his own hands. But if he’s trading Deathstroke’s loyalty for Lex Luthor’s, is his life getting any better?


It’s a rumble in the jungle as the Mystery, Inc. gang travels to South America to solve a case involving a giant Lizard Creature! And if that’s not enough, the gang faces off against a Creepy Voodoo Doll and the freaky Phantom Farmer! Jinkies!


Award-winner Jeph Loeb and the red-hot Michael Turner reintroduce a classic character into the DCU! This fantastic softcover includes the entire “Supergirl from Krypton” storyline, originally presented in the best-selling SUPERMAN/BATMAN #8-13.

Batman has discovered something strange on the bottom of Gotham Bay, which leads him to a mysterious and powerful teenaged girl bent on destroying Gotham City! What’s her connection to Superman? Why does Wonder Woman want to hide her from the outside world? Will Darkseid succeed in recruiting her into doing his bidding? Plus, this volume includes an introduction by Loeb as well as a Kryptonian language translation key!


Kim “Howard” Johnson teams with Monty Python alumus John Cleese and fan-favorite artists John Byrne & Mark Farmer for a unique tale of Superman — if he crash-landed in England! As a journalist for the Daily Smear tabloid, Colin Clark may learn that the key to success may be revealing his greatest secret. What will the neighbors think?


Part 1 of a 2-part story featuring the return of Brother Blood! As a result of the magic wars in Day of Vengeance, the barrier keeping Brother Blood trapped in hell is broken and he’s back … with some former Teen Titans! And just whose side is former Titan Lilith on? And isn’t she dead?


Collecting the intriguing 6-issue miniseries that led into INFINITE CRISIS!

Six of justice’s deadliest enemies band together to start a revolution. Together, they want to take a stand to stop the super-heroic community from tampering with their minds and to prove how deadly they can be! But not everyone agrees to this agenda. Six rogues are recruited by the enigmatic Mockingbird, charged with opposing the Society and given assignments to thwart their rivals and even help their enemies. Who is Mockingbird? Could it be one of the six?

The status quo is rocked by the Society’s formation and the revelations along the way make certain that when the Secret Six are done, nothing in the DCU will ever be the same!


A new volume collecting WONDER WOMAN #206-213! The deadly Medousa comes calling, and Wonder Woman’s world is turned completely upside-down. After a terrible sacrifice, the Amazing Amazon must prove herself once again to her comrades in the JLA and to the world.

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