Infinite Crisis list

Keeping up with Infinite Crisis is pretty hard without knowing what’s coming up next or has preceded the current issues. Of course, once you see this list you’ll realize that keeping up with Infinite Crisis even with the knowledge of what’s coming up next or has preceded is nearly impossible.

Thankfully you really don’t have to keep up with every title in order to stay in the know. If you really want to read Infinite Crisis I recommend the following:

Countdown to Infinite Crisis
Only one 80 page issue was made. This gets the ball rolling and explains a few events that lead up to the main story. Consider it a prologue (and at $2.50 for 80 pages a darn good buy), it’s not entirely necessary, but it’s worth the read and gives you a small amount of background information.
Rann-Thanagar War
This documents the war between the Ranns and the Thangarians and the involvement of the Green Lanterns.
Day of Vengeance
This title tells the story of the Specter, a super hero turned crazy villain bent on destroy all magic in the universe.
Villains United
Lex Luthor and almost every other super villain unite to work together as one unit, however a small number of villains that would rather not join form their own group to stop Lex.
Project Omac
Batman’s investigates attempts to uncover the plots of Checkmate, the now corrupt agency which has taken over his ultimate spy satellite, Brother Eye.
Infinite Crisis
This is the main title in this whole event. If you don’t read this, why bother with everything before it?

Rann-Thanagar War, Day of Vengeance, Villains United and Project Omac are each a six issue mini series and are available in trade paperback (Rann-Thanagar War will be available in trade at the end of this month).
Infinite Crisis is a seven issue mini-series and is currently up to Issue #2, with #3 being released this coming Wednesday.

As far as crossovers go, your best bet is reading those that occur in your favorite titles.

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