Returning X-Factor Sells Out And Wows Critics

X-Factor #1 has sold out at Diamond and in response, Marvel is going back to press with a second printing variant sporting just the cover inks by Sook. Spinning out of the surprise-hit mini-series Madrox as well as the not-so-surprising hit House of M, writer Peter David and artist Ryan Sook’s new take on X-Factor has made a triumphant debut.

Fans and critics alike have been raving about the return of this long-awaited X-title.

Keith Dallas of says X-Factor #1 is “one of the best comic books I’ve read all year.”

Eric Sunde of calls X-Factor #1 a “Must Have… David doesn’t miss a beat from the Madrox miniseries or his previous run on X-Factor and hits the ground running.”

Writer Peter David returns to write X-Factor, the book he took over in 1991 when he introduced the All-New, All-Different X-Factor. He returns now with a new series for a new team, made up of old favorites like Madrox, Strong Guy, and Wolfsbane along with new recruits Siryn, M, and Rictor. Artist Ryan Sook is onboard displaying a gorgeous dark and gritty style for the investigators of X-Factor that is sure to impress.

“It’s thrilling to hear so many people have enjoyed X-Factor #1,” says editor Andy Schmidt. “Please tell your friends about it so we can keep X-Factor going for years to come. And let your retailers know to buy more copies of issue #2 than they did of issue #1. Thanks, everyone, for your support!”

After the thrilling cliffhanger of the first issue, X-Factor fans are on pins and needles waiting for X-Factor #2. And for those looking for classic X-Factor stories, be sure to check out X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David Vol.1 TPB, Essential X-Factor Vol.1 TPB, and Madrox: Multiple Choice TPB.

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