Small Gods Miniseries Announced

BERKELEY, CA — 21 December, 2005 — SMALL GODS bursts onto the shelves this March for a two-issue miniseries in FULL COLOR! Starring one of the title’s most popular characters, precog and telepath Owen Young, the self-contained miniseries tells the story of his first encounter with an unusual team of bodyguards consisting entirely of psychics.

The bodyguards find themselves in quite a predicament when they kill a man who’s been trying to assassinate their client, movie star Victoria Leigh Carlton. The problem is, the dead man isn’t the assassin – and the team didn’t kill him. Or so they believe. Proving it to the police, on the other hand, is not going to be so easy. And with the real assassin still out there, they don’t have a lot of time.

“This story is about a year down the track from when we last saw Owen,” says SMALL GODS creator and author, Jason Rand. “Things have changed in his life, as you’ll see. He’s quit the police force and is trying his hand at the PI business. How did he get there? Well, with any luck that’s a story for another day.”

This new incarnation of SMALL GODS was something of a surprise to the team. “It’s something of a reprieve, really,” says Rand. “We were all more or less resigned to the cancellation, moving on to new projects and other work. And then, when the official announcement was made and we got such an outcry from the readers and probably more coverage from the comic press than we’d had since we first started, it was very gratifying – almost overwhelming in fact. When Image decided to give the book a second chance, that was just the cherry on top. It’s like we’re back almost before we left.”

Small Gods returns with a new look, still shaped by rising star Juan E. Ferreyra, but with a deft hand on inks provided by Shadowline’s Clayton Brown, Ferreyra’s new partner on Shadowline’s upcoming title EMISSARY – and this time in color!

SMALL GODS #1 (of 2) is now available for order from Diamond (order code JAN061794). A great jumping-on point for new readers to see what all the fuss is about! Be sure not to miss out and preorder your copy today!

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