Son of M #1 Sells Out, Continues Decimation of Comic Shelves

Pietro Maximoff, formerly the speedster known as Quicksilver, is at the lowest point of his life. And now he will be unable to pick up the first issue of his very own mini-series, Son of M #1, which has sold out of Diamond.

The creative team of David Hine and Roy Allan Martinex has received an enormous amount of acclaim for their emotionally-grabbing first issue. Ten Terrific writer Hine is sure to springboard into superstardom with the completion of Son of M and Martinez continues to impress with his intensely detailed visuals.

Eric Sunde of asks, “Wow, another great Decimation tie-in miniseries? Peter David may have met his match in David Hine, as far as handling Quicksilver’s characterization goes.”

Don MacPherson of says, “The [Decimation] limited series — such as Generation M and now the debut issue of this six-parter — are exploring some rich, character-driven material. This may be the best thing David Hine has written for Marvel Comics thus far, and given the promise he showed in early issues of District X, that’s saying something.” says Roy Allan Martinez, “delivers a gorgeous issue filled with some of the most incredible detail ever put to a comic book panel.”

There are no plans at this time for a second printing of Son of M #1, so retailers are encouraged to increase their orders on any Decimation-related title. Many of the Decimation titles have already sold out and those that haven’t will not be available for reorder much longer.

Be sure to pick up Son of M #2 as Pietro is reunited with his wife, the Inhuman Crystal. Will Quicksilver find redemption among his remaining family or will the depths of his despair cause him to continue his downward spiral with yet another betrayal?

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