Dark horse releases

Conan #23

At the age of ten, Conan already finds boyhood too small to contain his manly strength and ambition. But when disease strikes him and his village, he is left weak and unworthy. Determined to regain his self-respect, he journeys alone to the site of one of Cimmeria’s bloodiest battles—but little does Conan know that vile men hide in the shadows of this place, waiting to prey upon those so foolish as to awaken the fallen warriors from their uneasy sleep.

Goon #15

The war against the Zombie Priest is going well as Goon and his allies have managed to put a strangle-hold on the Priest’s supply of fresh corpses for his Zombie legion. But just as things seem to be cooling down on Lonely Street, a mysterious figure arrives on the scene to seek revenge on one of the Goon’s best pals, Norton.

Come see why Eric Powell’s The Goon won this year’s 2005 Eisner Award, not only for Best Humor Publication, but also for Best Ongoing Series. BEST ONGOING SERIES, people! Come on! What’s it gonna take?! Read this book, already!!!

2005 Eisner Award-winner for Best Humor Publication and Best Continuing Series!

Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World Movie Adaptation #1

With disgruntled investors after his skin, director Carl Denham has one chance to make the film of his dreams—hire an unknown actress, kidnap his writer, and board a tramp freighter for the South Pacific. And Denham is the only one on board who knows their final destination: a mysterious, storm-shrouded land mass known only as the Island of the Skulls.

There, Denham and his film crew will encounter hostile natives, and actress Ann Darrow will find herself in the grasp of the island’s undisputed lord and master—the mighty Kong!

Based on the eagerly anticipated motion picture by Peter Jackson, this three-issue comics adaptation captures all of the action, all of the romance, and all of the terror of the 8th Wonder of the World!

Space Pinchy: Pleased to Meetya

Meet Space Pinchy. The last remaining member of the Pinch Tribe, Space Pinchy travels through space in search of the tribe’s lost treasures, everything from dirty magazines to doomsday devices! In her adventures Pinchy utilizes myterious superpowers, a form fitting outfit, and about every innuendo in the book to aid her in her quest.

It’s a sexy, silly manga in full, digital color from Japan’s very odd Tony Takezaki, and it’s coming to America in a special six-issue series from Dark Horse Comics.

Star Wars: Empire #38

Dissent in the ranks! Janek Sunber finds himself at odds-and at gunpoint-with his fellow officers over the treatment of Imperial prisoners. Hardly an auspicious start to his new assignment, and made all the worse because the internal conflict blinds the Imperials to the presence of Rebel infiltrators in their midst!

But the biggest shock to Sunber-and the Rebels-is yet to come, from a most unexpected quarter! Allegiances are strained, identities are revealed, and a major strike against the Empire is in the offing. An issue that should not be missed!

The return of Lieutenant Janek Sunber (the lead character in “To the Last Man,”Empire #16-18).

Star Wars: Republic #80

The galaxy has changed for the Jedi, their Order has been dealt a crippling blow. Now the dark times have begun, and individual Jedi are left to decide whether they will stay true to the duty they took on during the Clone Wars, cast themselves to the will of the Force, or abandon their beliefs altogether.

None of the decisions is easy, and all of them are fraught with peril!

Republic embarks on the first step into the “dark times” after Revenge of the Sith!

Star Wars: X-Wing – Rogue Leader #3 (of 3)

Imperial terrorists have landed a devastating strike on Wedge Antilles’home planet and captured a member of Rogue Squadron. Now, Wedge and the rest of the Rogues are hot on their trail, determined to find their friend and bring these Imperial thugs to justice.

The fighting is fierce and the flying is faster in this whiz-bang conclusion to the series that defines the hottest heroes in the expanded Universe and launches an ace fighter squadron like none other in the galaxy!

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