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Blood River GN

Sex, Drugs and Zeppelin! In the 1970s four life-long friends plan their escape from a small town in New Jersey. Unfortunately they find that fate, nature, or some monstrous power has other plans for themÅ  based on a true story.

Coyote Vol. 2 TP

The story of Coyote moves forward fast, as the son of the totem gets past his heartbreak by moving into a swinging singles complex in Las Vegas. Revenge scents in the desert air as he gets a job, working for the mob, which works for the Shadow Cabinet. And he has his first run-in with the Djinn, a Middle eastern crime lord we’ll see plenty more of. But best of all, he meets two sisters who will change his life in ways even the Trickster could never imagine.

Girls #8

What’s the worst thing you could ever tell a woman? Ethan learns another hard lesson.

Image First TP

If you missed out on the first issues of THE WALKING DEAD (written by ROBERT KIRKMAN with art by TONY MOORE), GIRLS (written by JOSHUA LUNA with art by JONATHAN LUNA), SEA OF RED (written by RICK REMENDER & KIERON DWYER with art by KIERON DWYER & SALGOOD SAM and STRANGE GIRL (written by RICK REMENDER with art by ERIC NGUYEN), now”s your chance to sample each in a specially-priced introductory volume.

The Intimidators #1

America’s domestic strike force, the Intimidators, handle next level threats that send average heroes screaming for their mommies! When their latest mission rockets Astroman – a goody-two-shoes sixties superhero – into the twenty-first century, the government assigns him to marshal Crash, Byrn, Limit, Fetish and Firepower – a group whose morals he objects to and methods he can’t condone. In a world beset by robot mafia, killer models and Republicans, Astroman struggles to make heroes out of a team to whom killing’s just part of the day. They, of course, can’t wait to see him try.

Night Club #2

Annie sees the future. Walter talks with God. Jerry makes machines mutate and grow. And Jack? Nobody knows exactly what Jack does. The apocalypse begins not in heaven, but in New England. On July 2nd, in a Boston junkyard, these four makeshift heroes must defeat a battalion of lost souls to stop the devil’s reign on earth.

PvP #21

Deadlines, long workweeks and stress are building up for the staff of Player Versus Player Magazine. It’s time to blow off some steam and decompress. And we all know how geeks blow of steam…LIVE ACTION ROLEPLAYING! It’s nerd overload when the gang dons armor, shields and swords and heads to the park. This can only end one way: PIE FIGHT!

ShadowHawk #8


As Eddie barely survives a head-on attack, the identity of the serial arsonist that’s been plaguing Manhattan is finally revealed! Even more unsettling is the arsonist’s motive, which hits a little too close to home for our hero. Plus, a major player is maneuvering some of ShadowHawk’s enemies around like chess pieces. Who is the mysterious Rebound and how does she fit into his Machiavellian plans?

Spawn Collection Vol. 1 TP

Witness the power of pure McFARLANE with this essential collection

Out of print for 10 years!!!!!

It all started in 1992! TODD McFARLANE’s smash hit SPAWN. What? Don’t have those first issues? Oh, yeah… They’ve been out of print for ten years! Well, here they are in a brand new collection — bigger and badder than ever!!! This collection includes SPAWN issues 1-10 featuring the pulse-pounding art of the master himself, TODD McFARLANE! As the SPAWN regular series picks up heat and the new SPAWN animated movie comes out, fans will be clamoring for this collection!

Spawn Manga volume 1 TP & HC

You’ve never see Spawn like this before! 200 pages of glorious manga by famous Japanese manga master JUZO TOKORO! New Spawns! New and classic villains! What more could any fan want?

V.I.C.E. #3

Adventurous? Patriotic? You may be right for a position in V.I.C.E.‹The Violent Incident Control Enforcement branch of the FBI. Excellent insurance. Travel benefits. Applicants must submit to psychosurgery and DNA modification.

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