Dark Horse releases

B.P.R.D.: The Black Flame #5 (of 6)

The secret war against the frogs is no longer secret as an ancient monster-god marches across the devastated American heartland. Air Force bombs and missiles are useless against it, so how can the B.P.R.D., on the verge of total collapse, hope to stop it? The answer lies in a dream and in the bottom of a dresser drawer of a man who never existed.

The Perhapanauts #2 (of 4)

Hey, Perhapa-pals! Todd Dezago here. I really don’t want to date myself but, y’know, I can remember a time when there wasn’t any PREVIEWS. No solicitations, no cover image, no three sentence encapsulation that sorta dilutes the thrills of an upcoming story. Back then the only way you knew what your hero was in store for next month was on the last panel of this month’s issue! Like—Next Issue: The Rhino! It was enticing! It was exciting! Don’t get me wrong—I love PREVIEWS—it’s wonderful publication. However, in honor of those bygone days, we here at The Perhapanauts will be using this space to introduce ourselves, preview some awesome artwork, and maybe tell a few jokes. Check back here next month for some of that kind of fun.

Revelations #5 (of 6)

Someone wants Detective Charlie Northern dead. Brought to the Vatican to investigate the strange death of the Pope’s most likely successor, Northern has uncovered too much, and now, someone close to him has been murdered. Dark and powerful forces are at work, but Northern doesn’t care anymore. He knows he’s dangerously close to the truth, and nothing short of Hell itself is going to stop him from finding out who or what is out to destroy his life.

Humberto Ramos’ always fantastic artwork takes an amazing turn with this complex and shocking murder mystery.

Star Wars: Purge (One-Shot)

After Order 66, few Jedi dare to venture outside the shadows—rumors of the dark and terrible Darth Vader haunting even their waking moments. Yet, some Jedi find this life of fear unbearable. Now, a small band of Jedi have agreed to meet and discuss what should be done to oppose the Empire and its Sith Lords. However, the Empire is always watching, and Vader himself is eager to confront any Jedi that might bring him closer to the whereabouts of his betrayer, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Prepare for Jedi versus Sith action unlike any seen since the Old Republic in this special one-shot follow-up to Revenge of the Sith!

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