Infinite Crisis crossovers

Although I am enjoying the Infinite Crisis events, I’m getting tired of the way DC is doing the crossovers. Sometimes the problems can be blamed on writing, other times it’s due to the release dates.

For instance, in Aquaman #37 we find out that Atlantis is destroyed by the specter. However Infinite Crisis #3 opens by showing the battle for Atlantis on the first few pages, and the Specter bursting out of the water. A teaser that should lead in to Aquaman #37. The problem is, Aquaman #36 was released at the beginning of the month.

Directly following the Atlantis battle, and throughout the issue we witness Wonder Woman’s battle at Paradise Island. Eventually the battle ends with the amazons retreat and Paradise Island being transported away. The month after the Infinite Crisis release, Wonder Woman #224 was released, which shows the battle in more detail… and ends with the retreat of the Amazons and the transportation of Paradise Island. Since Wonder Woman #224 has the identical ending as was shown in Infinite Crisis, why bother putting it in Infinite Crisis at all? I feel completely ripped off.

On the other hand, Superman #224 leads directly in to the Infinite Crisis comic by showing Luthor’s journey in to Alaska and then his findings in Infinite Crisis #3. Well done. If you are going to write a cross over or a tie-in, then do so. Don’t just write a re-telling. And if your cross over takes the brief scenes shown in Infinite Crisis a step further, then please release it after Infinite Crisis is released.

Because of the afore mentioned problems the crossovers can feel a little disjointed and confusing. It also gets frustrating to map out the correct order in which to read your comics only to discover that you’ve gone about it all wrong.

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