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The next time you take a trip in to space, and the signal goes dead on your Virgin Mobile phone, perhaps you could open up your Virgin Comic.
Virgin Comics is the latest Virgin venture, as announced by Sir Richard Branson.

Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Books Limited today announced a new entertainment partnership with worldrenowned author Deepak Chopra, acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and South Asia’s leading publisher of comic magazines, Gotham Entertainment Group LLC . The partnership will launch two new Virgin branded companies, Virgin Comics LLC , based in NYC and Virgin Animation Private Limited , based in Bangalore , India , focused on creating original comic books and character properties for a global audience.

The Company believes that in the next decade, Asia will become one of the largest producers, as well as the largest consumers, of entertainment products. Virgin Comics intends to look to Asia, and India in particular, as both a growing market for consumers of entertainment products and also a source for unique, innovative content to be brought to the world in comics and licensing into movies, animation, toys, video games and consumer products.

The images on the site are fairly cool, but not really my style. I highly doubt I’ll be interested in picking up any Virgin Comics.

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