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Desene Sketches & Scribbles HC

From the creator of the critically acclaimed comic “PIGTALE” comes his new book, DESENE: SKETCHES & SCIBBLES. Explore a host of sketches and designs by designer/illustrator Ovi Nedelcu, in their purest form and impulse. These sketches and scribbles are taken directly from both his analog and digital sketchbooks and collected for the first time ever in this new deluxe hardcover book. Also included are Ovi’s notes and thoughts as he takes you through some of the processes and techniques involved in his work.

Girls #9

Welcome to the food chain

Iron Ghost #5 (of 6)

Tannhauser and Volz close in on the Iron Ghost’s identity after the raid at Alexanderplatz. Their loyalties will be tested as they decide which is more surprising: the Ghost’s identity or his final plan. The two detectives must decide if it’s better to arrest the Ghost before or after he completes his mission.

Kabuki Vol. 5 Metamorphosis TP (New Printing)

The story that sets the stage for the current “Alchemy” storyline returns to print! Featuring an introduction by BILL SIENKIEWICZ and an afterward by filmmaker JOHN SAYLES, this is the largest KABUKI collection yet and still one of the most sought after!

Noble Causes #16

Liz knew when she married Race that his career as a super-hero may one day endanger her life – and that day has come! When Liz is targeted by the villainous Blackthorne family, can Race act fast enough to save her? And does he realize exactly what he’ll be saving her from?

Rex Mundi #16

Julien’s investigation into the mystery of the Grail leads him to a opulent party where he and the Duke of Lorraine finally meet. Romantic sparks begin to fly between Julien and Lorraine’s daughter much to the annoyance of Genevieve, Julien’s old flame! Meanwhile, the world slips further and further towards war…

Walking Dead #25

Everything is different now.

Freshmen #5 (of 6)

“The Deepest Level of Truth” pt. 5 of 6

With The Puppeteer, trapped inside the psyche of the comatose Seductress, the team reels from their losses while their worst blow yet looms: A heartbreaking betrayal! This special issue follows The Puppeteer as she uses her power and shows what it’s like to enter a person’s memories. Plus! An insight into The Beaver’s musical tastes, and The Intoxicator delivers the best line of dialogue in the entire series! Co-created by Austin Powers and Buffy star Seth Green and written by His Fatness, Hugh Sterbakov

V.I.C.E. #4

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