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4 #26

THE STORY: Sacrifices have been made, dark forces are gathering like storm clouds over Whisper Hill—the abandoned home of the deceased witch Agatha Harkness—and the Fantastic Four’s powers are short-circuiting. With the malevolent Salem Seven about to open a portal to the land of the dead, can the FF afford to stay away?

Daredevil Vs. Punisher

It’s wall-to-wall David Lapham (Stray Bullets) as the Eisner Award-winner and indy sensation writes, pencils and inks two of Marvel’s biggest icons! Daredevil and the Punisher vie for the soul of Hell’s Kitchen as half the East Coast’s underworld — in chaos since Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, was deposed—scramble for a shot at the big chair. And as the city descends into chaos—as murder and intimidation become the staples of the day—Daredevil and the Punisher each seek to restore order in their own unique way. For Daredevil—who’s anointed himself the city’s new “Kingpin”—this means dispensing justice at the end of a billy club. But for the Punisher, justice at the end of a billy club isn’t justice at all. For the Punisher, justice for these animals is at the end of a shotgun. Featuring more Marvel villains than you can shake a stick at—including Hammerhead and the return of the nefarious…Jackal! Collects DAREDEVIL VS. PUNISHER #1-6.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man #4

The fourth and final month of “The Other,” a startling super-story spanning four months that has turned the wall-crawler’s world upside down! The next stage in Spidey’s history starts here, True Believer! Peter has been pushed farther than he ever has been before. Farther than anyone should. So what changes are in store for him and, indeed, those he loves most? Can he go back to who he was? Does he want to?

Generation M #3

DECIMATION! Reporter Sally Floyd tells the story of those rocked by the decimating effects of House of M. One such story is that of Frederick J. Dukes, A.K.A. The Blob! There’s someone out there that doesn’t want these stories to be told and is willing to do anything to silence those who are talking…

Incredible Hulk #91

It’s Rock vs. Hard Place, as The HULK goes toe-to-toe with a construct capable of adapting to the strength of any opponent. But doesn’t HULK get stronger as he gets madder? Something’s gotta give, and you won’t BELIEVE the killer ending! This is the issue that catapults HULK into Marvel’s biggest story line of 2006! Part 4 (of 4)

Iron Man: Inevitable #2

The Spymaster makes his first move — which means it’s the armored Avenger vs. the Ghost! Classic enemies are emerging with all-new agendas as Tony Stark fights to survive. Pulse-pounding action in the mighty Marvel manner! This is the Iron Man you’ve been waiting for!

Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine #8

Marvel Heroes Flip Magazine #8

Marvel Knights Spider-man #22

The fourth and final month of “The Other,” a startling super-story spanning four months that has turned the wall-crawler’s world upside down, and set the stage for the year to come, uniting the creative talents behind all three Spider-Man titles! With great power must come great responsibility…but what comes with great understanding? In the past few months, Peter Parker has traveled to places he never has before. No

Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk Vol.3

Brace yourself, True Believer, Hulk is smashing his way into another marvelous monster-sized Masterworks! The batty bullpen declareth that you’d better hide behind a Hulk-Buster because it’s not a happy Hulk who faces off against the likes of bombastic Boomerang, the android Hulk-Killer and the one and only Abomination in his classic first appearance by Stan “The Man” and Gil Kane! That’s only the warm up, though! The cosmos itself shudders when the strongest man-like being in the Marvel U. goes toe-to-toe with the Silver Surfer, Prince Namor and the Mighty Thor himself!
Grab a crash helmet, bunker down and prepare yourself to be Hulk-inued this January!
Collecting TALES TO ASTONISH #80-101 and INCREDIBLE HULK (Vol. 2) #102

New Mangaverse #1

The story they said would never be told! It’s been a dark time since we last saw the Mangaverse. Most of the heroes (both human and mutant) have been driven underground. Nick Fury has vanished, leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. to fall into ruin. And now—someone’s killing super heroes! Join writer C.B. Cebulski (writer and consultant on the original Mangaverse comics) and artist Tommy Ohtsuka (from the super-popular manga and animé series Slayers and Rescue Angels) for five issues of nonstop action! Whether you’re a fan of the original Mangaverse series, or just a fan of exciting comics—the New Mangaverse is the place to be!

Punisher Vs. Bullseye #3

“Massacre on 34th Street”: Marvel’s top two relentless psychopaths square off – and pity the fool who gets between them. Like, say, mobster Nico Patrillo, who’s sprawled on the floor of a five-ton city bus that’s careening down Sixth Avenue, with Bullseye behind the wheel, the Punisher in hot pursuit, and virtually the entire NYPD converging on them all. This is gonna hurt.

Runaways #12

Good-bye, New York City! It’s the stunning conclusion to East Coast/West Coast, as the Runaways finally come face-to-face with the New Avengers AND the mystery villain who framed Cloak and attacked Dagger. See why Entertainment Weekly considers this series a MUST!

Sentinel Squad O*n*e #1

A DECIMATION tie-in! Discover the origin of the Sentinel Squad! How did they come together and become the elite group of soldiers to pilot the Sentinels that have made their presence known at the Xavier Institute?

Spider-girl Vol. 5: Endgame

The daughter of Spider-Man vs. the son of Wolverine! And that’s only one of the fights Spider-Girl faces when her deadliest enemies join forces as the Savage Six (or is it Seven?)! But even with the help of rival/critic heroes like Darkdevil and the Buzz, can she deal with the sudden loss of her super-powers? Featuring A-Next, the Fantastic Five and more! Collects SPIDER-GIRL #22-27.

Spider-woman: Origin #2

The epic mini-series continues! Young Jessica Drew’s life takes a scary turn as she joins forces with shadowy Hydra, a terrorist organization bent on world domination! Eisner Award-winning scribe Brian Michael Bendis (NEW AVENGERS) and red-hot Marvel newcomer Brian Reed (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN video game) join forces with the fantastic visuals of The Luna Brothers (ULTRA, GIRLS) to continue the spine-tingling saga of Spider-Woman’s early years!

Uncanny X-men #468

Marvel Girl’s entire family has been placed on the intergalactic wanted list! The X-Men are the only thing that stands between the Greys and their extraterrestrial executioners! Part 2 (of 3)

Weapon X: Days Of Future Now

Weapon X is back! The War of the Programs is over; now, Director Malcolm Colcord is ready to take his plans to the next level! It’s the Weapon X you love — only now, all bets are off. Witness the beginning of the end of Frank Tieri’s Weapon X saga! Starring Agent Zero, Fantomex, Sublime, Chamber and, of course, Wolverine! Collects WEAPON X: DAYS OF FUTURE NOW #1-5.

X-men: Deadly Genesis #3

Everything that could go wrong has and now the X-Men are caught between a bizarre and powerful villain and the U.S. government. Cyclops and Marvel Girl remain in the hands of this mysterious new threat, and elsewhere, in the wreckage of a disaster, Professor X’s long-held secret finally begins to come to light. The white-hot creative team of Ed Brubaker and Trevor Hairsine continue to put the X-Men through the wringer in this special 30th Anniversary event, which also features a back-up tale written by Brubaker and drawn by Pete Woods.

X-men: Kitty Pryde- Shadow & Flame

A deadly mystery draws Kitty Pryde and her fire-breathing friend Lockheed from ASTONISHING X-MEN to the shores of Japan. Ninjas and dragons will be the least of their worries! Featuring art by legendary X-Men illustrator Paul Smith and written by Age of Apocalypse scribe Akira Yoshida!

X-statix Presents: Dead Girl #1

It’s hard to keep a good girl down…especially when she’s Dead! That’s right, True Believers, hold onto you’re freaking hats! After a brief hiatus caused by their, ahem, deaths, everyone’s favorite mutants are back! And this time, they’re bringing a host of…questions with them. Like why do some heroes and villains keep on dying, only to return from the dead? And why do other heroes and villains bite the bullet, only to remain dead? Who decides on this craziness? Is it some karmic wheel in the sky? Some fickle finger of fate? Or is it just some guy in the marketing department? Well, one such deceased villain, named The Pitiful One, is going to find out. When the Pitiful One decides that he’s tired of being dead, he assembles a posse of Marvel’s deadest villains to attack the world of the living. And it’s up to Doctor Strange to stop him and his evil cohorts—but he needs help from…well, you know. With Kraven the Hunter, Tike Alicar, and a few other surprise, dead guests.

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