Vertigo Releases


“Endgame” continues. As the Losers reel from the devastating toll suffered last issue, Max’s origin and his ties to the CIA are finally revealed. But just as the team and Max are playing with all their cards on the table, one final twist awaits to threaten them all.


Featuring guest artist Zander Cannon (TOP 10). At a storytelling competition in the lands of the centaurs, Elaine confronts the myths that have arisen from Lucifer’s actions — and reunites with a mysterious boy from her past.


The explosive new series by best-selling author Douglas Rushkoff (Coercion, Club Zero-G) and acclaimed artist Liam Sharp (The Possessed) continues. The authorities strike down anti-war protesters with a wrath echoing that of the angry God who rained fire on Sodom and Gomorrah. Just as Lot couldn’t save his wife from turning into a pillar of salt, Jake is too distracted by his lust for Dinah to rescue his true love, Miriam, from an even more horrifying verdict.

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