After several years’ absence from creative duties, Image Comics co-founder Jim Valentino is taking the creative helm of the Image flagship title SHADOWHAWK. Created by Valentino in 1992, SHADOWHAWK was one of the main titles responsible for the Image Comics explosion. With Valentino once more taking the reins, SHADOWHAWK is jutting off in a startling new direction and poised to reclaim its stake as one of Image’s premiere superhero titles.

The move begins in SHADOWHAWK #9, kicking off the first of the 4-part storyline “Rise.” Valentino pencils the issue, then raises the stakes in SHADOWHAWK #10, where he takes over both writing and art duties. “Rise felt like the perfect place to jump back into SHADOWHAWK,” Valentino said. “The story shows a changing of the guard. A death in the family. A crisis of faith. Everything changes for Eddie Collins when he loses more than his helmet as a new ShadowHawk comes takes over the mantle.”

Valentino continues, “Eddie Collins is the current embodiment of ShadowHawk, one in a long line of heroes dating back 5,000 years. Throughout his time as ShadowHawk, Eddie has been a little too lax about his role. He’s done a little too much listening to others about what they think he should do and, as a result, hasn’t learned the full consequences that come with being a hero. “Rise” is going to change all of that. Reality is going to hit him right between the eyes and change everything in his world. In other words, he’s going to grow up, and he’s going to do it the hard way. When Eddie became ShadowHawk, he was still a boy. By the end of “Rise,” he will need to become a man.”

“I’m really enjoying the opportunity to get back into the creative nitty-gritty,” Valentino concludes. “I’ve got a lot of affection for this character, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing what other creators have done with him, but when this story came up, I knew it was time for me to get back into the driver’s seat and lead the character into a whole new era. So far it’s been a blast!”

SHADOWHAWK #9 (NOV051758) is solicited in this month’s Previews for titles shipping in February. SHADOWHAWK #10 (DEC051781) will be in shipping in March.


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