Hard movin’ makes slow bloggin’

Ah Chicago, the windy city… no not because the wind whips off of the frigid winter lake through the city’s enormous pompous buildings. It’s because the politicians used to drag on and on in their long-winded speeches.

I won’t emulate them. I’ve moved to Chicago. Things are busier than ever before for me. Freak Comics will continue to trudge forward, albeit slowly at first whilst I acclimate to my surroundings. There are several (yes only several… at least that I’ve found) comic book shops that I look forward to checking out. Hopefully I can find some good deals on some old X-Men titles (you know, back when Marvel actually cared about the crap they were pumping out… or at least pumped out better crap).

I’ll keep you updated on this and other events, including the results contest, as they happen. More reviews, rants and observations on the way, so stay tuned.

3 responses to “Hard movin’ makes slow bloggin’”

  1. I love Chicago – I lived there for 15 years before I moved to this sh#thole L.A.

    I want to move back SOOO BAD. I will soon (hopefully). Chicago ROCKS in the summer.

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