Everyone loves scrivens

Scrivs has taken a lot of heat as of late for his decision to cut some members from the 9rules Network (a network of great weblogs, of which I am a member).

I wanted to follow suit and declare my undying gratitude to Paul (even though I’m most likely the next to get axed), however I want to make sure that each and every post on this site only relates to comic books. Unfortunately this topic didn’t have much to do with comics… but now it does.


After looking over this article I realized it was a little on the thin side. The reason I support Paul and his decision, even if it’s to axe me, is a very simple one: it’s his network, his business, his life. The agreement is very simple: you must provide good content to stay in the network… pretty strait forward.

If any member failed in their obligations to the network, myself included, then they should no longer be part of the network. Now why is everyone getting up in a tizzy about this? The main people who are freaking out happen to be people outside of the network… the very same people who claimed there would be a catch to the network. I was wrong about this. After doing some research in to the matter, I’ve found that the main complainers are two of the booted sites along with a few bottom-feeder weblogs.

The only catch to 9rules that I’ve seen in my brief stint here is no catch at all. I got to keep all of my Adsense revenue, I got to meet people whom I would never have had the opportunity to chat with, and I’ve had lots of fun. If I were scrivs, I would sit back and enjoy the press, good or bad. Controversy can be a good advertisment.

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