Freak Comics: Update

The winds of change are blowin’. As you may know I have moved to chicago. This presented a road block for the past month so far as writing is concerned, however we are finally settled and I’m ready to get back in the swing of things.

That said I’ll be making a couple of adjustments:

  1. No more releases updates. The section on the right will be leaving. The main reason for this is: it’s inaccurate. even if I keep it up to date the information is incorrect for various areas (more on that later tonight).
  2. Posts will be starting up again… finally. Expect several articles over the next two days starting tonight.

This move has proven to be a good thing on all levels, even for this blog. Although I took a month off, I have so much more to write about now thanks to my surroundings.

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  1. […] So the question must be asked, why did I lose the love? Things have distracted me quite a bit these days, namely moving to and living in Chicago. There is so much to see and do here – the zoo, museums, food – that it becomes difficult to make time for previous hobbies. However the newness has worn off and it’s time to get back to this blog thing. So here’s a few things to look forward to: […]

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