Giant Size Ms. Marvel Sells Out

Ms. Marvel has always struggled with mediocrity, but after seeing her potential realized in the House of M, Carol Danvers decides she is going to be the best super hero she can be.

Her conviction is going to be put to the test right out the gate as an alien invasion of the Brood threatens to destroy Earth and only Ms. Marvel stands in their way. But is it really an invasion or are the Brood looking to hide from something even more sinister than themselves?

Written by Brian Reed (Spider-Woman: Origin) with pencils by searing-hot newcomer Roberto De La Torre and Michael Turner providing a variant cover to issue #1, Ms. Marvel is ready to take its rightful place among the comic elite.

Giant Size Ms. Marvel #1 sold out at Diamond so be sure to get your copies of Ms. Marvel #1 and its variant covers by Michael Turner quickly before they’re gone.

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