Spider-Man robs comic shop

CBS 4 is running a report about a man dressed as Spider-Man who robbed a comic shop:

A robber wearing a Spider-Man mask was caught on surveillance video Tuesday stealing a set of rare comics from a store in Culver City, Calif. Among the issues stolen were Fantastic Four #1, X-Men #1, and the comic in which Spidey first appeared, Amazing Fantasy #15, valued at around $2,500 an issue.

The man walked into the shop around 11:30 a.m., but store employees thought nothing of a customer dressed in partial costume, reports KCBS-TV’s Suzie Suh.

“He’s wearing a Spider-Man mask, he must like super-heroes,” said Alan Gardner of Dream World Comic Books.

While browsing the store, the man took out a hammer a smashed a glass display case housing some of the store’s more expensive items. The villain grabbed several comics and fled on foot.

CBS obviously finds this story humorous as the subcaption on their site reads “Peter Parker Again Sought For Questioning By Police”… way to show respect to the victims CBS. Irony or no, is it really appropriate for CBS to report this story with a comedic slant? Would it be as funnyto them if a man dressed as Dan Rather bursted in their doors and stole thier equipment?

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