One Year Later…

The events of Infinite Crisis have finally lead up to an alteration across the boards for each and every DC universe title, and it’s being called One Year Later. This is because the events that take place in these comics happen one year after the events of Infinite Crisis.

I had a chance to check out Detective Comics #817 as well as JSA #83, and I’m very confused. This is how DC wants me to feel I’m sure, that way I’ll keep purchasing the comics to find out what happened the year before. Already Batman and Gordon have an ominous conversation about the events of the past year.

One area I’m confused in, that I’m not sure I’m supposed to be however, is this: why did DC decide to rocket us one year forward while the Infinite Crisis series still has two issues left? Are only certain characters undergoing this change (the heroes that have disappeared)? or is the entire universe on fast forward?

In the past I have said that this series is good, but very difficult to keep up with, and this One Year Later thing is making it harder and weirder. I don’t know if I like it yet… guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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