Hot artist Skottie Young signs exclusive deal with Marvel Comics

“I’ve been working with Marvel since 2001 and for them to offer me a permanent home for the next few years is exciting,” says he. “Knowing that I’m going to be doing projects with Marvel for the foreseeable future let’s me put a little more energy into the creative process, and less on lining up my next project. I’m looking forward to growing as an artist!”

Above and beyond comics, he has also been artistically involved with animation, toys, trading cards, and role-playing games.

When asked why Marvel is the type of company he can commit to, Young is quick to answer, and answer confidently. “There’s plenty of reasons really. There are some great characters at Marvel that I’d like to sink my teeth into, but mostly, working with (writer) Zeb Wells on a few more projects is what really hooked me in. We had such a great time on NEW WARRIORS, and I just couldn’t imagine not moving onto another project or company with out him.”

“Zeb and I really put our heads together and came up with a fun approach on that title. I think the end result was exactly what we intended it to be. This was also the first project that I controlled all of the art chores, pencils, inks and colors. So, that was a fun challenge and a great learning experience.”

“And, like I said before, I’ve been working with Marvel for awhile already, so I feel comfortable with the crew up there.”

“The money is a nice touch, to…haha”

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada has high praise for Young. “We’re probably overdue with showing Skottie how much he means to us at Marvel, but hey, better late than never! His work is a great example of the diversity in art styles we want to nurture here. He and it rock this House.”

Young is dreaming of future work, of course, and the vast library of Marvel characters. “First, I would give up a limb to bring back GENERATION X. I’m not even kidding. That book is the reason that I draw comics for a living. It blew my mind. Chamber, Skin, and the rest of the crew were so sick. So, if I could just convince someone up at the House to throw me the keys that car, I could die a happy man.”

“Second would be Spidey and Venom. I did a short run on Venom at the end of the last series and people seemed to like it. I enjoy villains, and Venom is just nasty. I think that is most def a character that I could try some new things on. I’d love to start a new ongoing of Venom and just tear it up. Or just get on Spidey book and flip it on its head.”

Still, for the present and immediate future, the young artist is pragmatic. “Now that the pressure of lining up new projects out in the world is gone, I can really focus on stepping up my game. NEW WARRIORS was a funny book, and the art matched that tone. After working on that kind of art, I’m ready to get a little gritty, and dark. I really want to deal with some heavier material.”

“I think that will help push me to find new places that I can take my art.”

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