Illustrator of The Fantastic scores fantastic new deal with Marvel Comics!

Edwards lush painted graphics and detailed illustrations have not only been admired by comic fans, but have also been devoured by followers of advertising, animation, movies, children’s books, magazines, and video games. In the comics world, his art has been glimpsed in and on THE QUESTION, BATMAN: GOLDEN STREETS OF GOTHAM, STAR WARS: EMPIRE, HELLBOY: WEIRD TALES, WHAT IF: DAREDEVIL, X-MEN, and X-FACTOR.

To coin a phrase, Edwards has “seen it all and done it all”.

In comics, I guess I’d have to say that I’m pretty proud of THE QUESTION miniseries I illustrated for DC,” he notes. “Rick Veitch wrote a great story and gave me the opportunity to really push the envelope in the realm of technique and storytelling.”

“Wow!” exclaims Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. “Tommy’s been knockin’ our socks off in so many different mediums! Seems everywhere I turn, I see his gorgeous art…now, we got ‘im here at Marvel and our characters and covers have never looked better!”

“I feel great about the kind of work I’ll be doing,” says the artist himself, commenting on his new contract. “And it also feels nice that people may actually see it. I was getting tired of putting my heart and soul into a project- only to have no promotion from the publisher, and no trade paperbacks. My deal with Marvel has the potential to be just the opposite. The other cool thing for me, is that the ‘exclusivity’ factor applies only to comics. It’s important that I’m still able to work as an illustrator in the realm of movies, children’s books, animation, and computer games.”

“I’m painting a pile of covers for DAREDEVIL right now,” he continues. “The main project I’ll be spending this first year on is a five-issue series called BULLET POINTS. It’s written by J. Michael Straczynski, and involves a huge chunk of the Marvel Universe. Some of the main characters are Reed Richards, The Hulk, Iron Man, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, and Doctor Strange.”

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