Marvel Comics awards exclusive contract to artist Yanick Paquette!

“As a kid I always favored Marvel over DC,” notes Paquette. “But somehow, I’ve spent most of my professional life to this point at DC, greatly enjoying working on books like


“Still, my early days love for the X-Men was haunting me and when Marvel offered to join me in my dream and let me tackle these characters, I just couldn’t resist.”

Paquette has worked for a bevy of comic book publishers, lending his unique, striking character work to such books as X-FILES, XENA, GEN 13, WONDER WOMAN, SUPERMAN, JLA, AVENGERS, and GAMBIT. He may be best known for his work on the aforementioned two volumes of TERRA OBSCURA, for ABC.

Marvel Fans looking forward to the upcoming universe-wide CIVIL WAR will find Paquette delineating CIVIL WAR: X-MEN.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada is happy to be part of completing on of Paquette’s professional goals. “Yanick’s a great guy, a fantastic artist, and someone who’s been toiling too quietly in the industry. He deserves to be up in the clouds with the rest of us at good ol’ Marvel…we’ll make a superstar outta him!”

The artist has previously stated that his three big art influences are Kevin Nolan, Adam Hughes, and Mike Mignola. “And many others from the old realistic school like Al Williamson and Hal Foster. I admire that old school a lot,” he adds.

Paquette is very optimistic about his new home at Marvel. “After years of drawing comics for a living, I’m going back to my childhood passion to renew my fervor and creativity for my work.”

Stay tuned to for word of Paquette’s newest Marvel Comics assignments.

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