Runaways and X-Men Meet For the First Time on Free Comic Book Day

Written by Runaways scribe Brian K. Vaughan with art by Scottie Young, the all-new story entitled “We Don’t Need No Education” finds the former teen superheroes the X-Men looking to drop a little knowledge on the Runaways. But it just might be the rebellious Runaways who do some teaching of their own.

“I’m really excited about showcasing some of the Marvel Universe’s coolest characters, classic and contemporary, in a brand new story that will be completely accessible to all Free Comic Book Day readers, young and old,” says Vaughan.

Also included in this Free Comic Book Day Special is Ultimate Spider-Man Saga, a look at the highlights of the 90-plus issue history of Ultimate Spider-Man. And if that wasn’t enough, there is also a preview of Marvel Adventures: The Avengers and a Franklin Richards short story because, well, everybody loves Franklin.

Mark May 6th on your calendar and pick up X-Men/Runaways at your local comic shop because as Brian K. Vaughan said, “If nothing else, we guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth!”

Joe Quesada echoes everybody’s sentiments here at Marvel when he says, “We’re excited to present new material this year and pleased to be a part of Free Comic Book Day for the fifth year in a row.”

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