Ultimate Fantastic Four #30

The new Sudyam zombie cover revealed on Marvel.com last week is finally ready to be announced as a variant cover to Ultimate Fantastic Four #30. A second variant cover along with a Sketch Variant of Greg Land’s cover, this new Suydam variant is a zombiefied take on the classic Fantastic Four #1 cover.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 kicks off “Frightful,” which will not only feature the return of Dr. Doom and the debut of the Ultimate Frightful Four, but the zombie FF escape from their prison in the Baxter Building. All this, and Johnny Storm gets some devastating news.

Everything has been building towards this as this 3-issue arc ties up Millar and Land’s entire year-long run on the title and they’re not leaving without putting the Ultimate FF through their toughest test yet in their young careers.

Don’t miss out on the beginning of the stunning finale to Millar and Land’s heralded run in Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 and you definitely do not want to miss out on either the Land Sketch Variant or Suydam’s latest and greatest zombie variant.

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