French Artist Phil Briones To Provide Art For White Tiger

Joining famed young adult fantasy author Tamora Pierce, French artist extraordinaire Phil Briones has signed on to do pencils and inks for the upcoming White Tiger series.

“I grew up with Marvel characters,” says Phil Briones. “When Marvel offered me the opportunity to work on the new female White Tiger I was immediately thrilled!”

“Then learning that Tamora Pierce was going to write it made it simply perfect,” added Briones. “I mean the two of us having already been separately working on stories with strong female fantasy characters was clearly a sign that we were destined to be working together. And for a Frenchman, you can’t imagine how thrilling and engaging it is to be working for the House of Ideas.”

Born in Dijon, France, Briones started his career as an animator for Walt Disney Feature Animation. He has also been the artist on several French comic series including La Geste des Chevaliers-Dragons, Kookaburra Universe, and Les Seigneurs d’Agartha.

Briones received his degree from the Gobelins School, which happens to be the same school House of M penciler Olivier Coipel attended.

The White Tiger series will focus on the new character introduced in Brian Michael Bendis’s Daredevil run. With scripts by best-selling children’s author Tamora Pierce, Briones is ready to bring his energetic pencils to the new female White Tiger.

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