Storm’s Wedding Dress Unveiled In TV Guide

The design of the dress for the upcoming Black Panther/Storm wedding was created by none-other-than Shawn Dudley, the Emmy-Award Winning Costume Designer for TV’s Guiding Light.

“I was a little shocked when I first saw the “comic book” version of our dress because I’m a control freak,” said Dudley. “I had to really wrap my head around the ‘updates’ and changes to our original rendering. But it was all good and I really thought the evolution from original research to our classic rendering than on to the final version was a cool process.”

Executive producer of Guiding Light, Ellen Wheeler, was also happy to see the crossover between soaps and comics. “Our soap world and the comics world are a great fit but I’m especially thrilled that our wonderful costume design team has had this opportunity to show their talents, that we see every day here, in a new and cool way.”

The lead-up to the Marvel wedding of the decade continues in the page of Storm and Black Panther and make sure to be in attendance when the two iconic comic characters tie the knot in Black Panther #18. Unfortunately for Ororo and T’Challa, a Civil War is brewing among their wedding guests.

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