A Night Fight and the Long Road Back in Moon Knight #2

Marc Spector has hit rock bottom and is unable to live his former life as a superhero. Find out in Moon Knight #2 what started the former hero’s fall from grace and what lengths he will now go in order to become a superhero once again.

The return of Moon Knight to an ongoing series has left fans and critics abuzz, especially after the superstar team of Charlie Huston and David Finch’s first issue.

Dexter K. Flowers of BrokenFrontier.com says, “A great character has once again been brought to life by a great creative team, and the result is so much more than the Moon Knight I remember.”

Adam White of Comiccritique.com says, “From page one, Huston grabs your attention and takes you for a ride, succinctly defining Moon Knight’s motivation while simultaneously giving you a tour inside the character’s mind and his actions on the street.”

After the pulse-pounding and shocking first issue, pick up Moon Knight #2 to learn why Moon Knight slipped away from the spotlight and if his god Khonshu will help him return to his former glory; plus, one of the most brutal fights you will see in the pages of a comic this year.

Moon Knight #2 cover Moon Knight #2 page 1 Moon Knight #2 page 2 Moon Knight #2 page 3 Moon Knight #2 page 4 Moon Knight #2 page 5

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