Final Issue of Marvel Zombies Sells Out

The concluding issue of the surprise success Marvel Zombies has sold out at Diamond and to the satisfaction of many, Marvel is going back to press on Marvel Zombies #5 with an all-new variant cover by Arthur Suydam.

This latest Zombie variant by Suydam is a undead homage to the cover of Silver Surfer #1.

Fans and critics cannot get enough of Kirkman’s and Phillips disturbed story or Suydam’s chilling covers.

Phil Hunn of says “Robert Kirkman can write zombies like nobody except George Romero, and if you’re not aboard the zombie gravy train…you’re really missing out.”

Troy Brownfield of says, “The final issue of one of the best mini-series I have read in quite a few years. Not only do the covers of this series make the price of admission worthwhile, it’s the story and art inside that really elevates this series into the stratosphere, literally and figuratively.”

Marvel Zombies #5 may signify the end of an incredibly successful series, but don’t forget to see how the series ties back to the Ultimate Universe with Ultimate Fantastic Four #30. The gore doesn’t stop with this latest sellout.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 Zombie cover Marvel Zombies #5 zombie Silver Surfer variant Ultiamte Fantastic Four #30 Suydam Zombie Variant Ultiamte Fantastic Four #30 Land Sketch Variant

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