House of Ideas to fans: more Marvel digital comics are here!

After an enthusiastic response to their inaugural launch of digital comics, industry leader Marvel Comics is proud to announce the debut of several new releases on

The books that can now be viewed digitally on the company’s website are WOLVERINE #20, RUNAWAYS v2 #7, NEW THUNDERBOLTS #1, DEFENDERS #1 (modern series), BLACK PANTHER #1 (1977), NEW X-MEN #20, ULTIMATE VISION (part 1), ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE (first issue), CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS #1 (1982), ETERNALS #1 (1976), MARVEL TEAM-UP #15, SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1 (1980), SHE-HULK vol. 2 #1, and UNCANNY X-MEN #466.

The initial test launch of digital comics in late 2005 scored hits far beyond expectations. Now, Marvel is meeting the reader demand for more digital comics with these additions to

“We are extremely excited about the fan response to our new digital comics”, says John Dokes, Marvel VP of Marketing and Business Development. “Our digital comics are not only great for our traditional comic fans but they are a great way to convert the swell of readers coming to our site for movie and game information into comic fans.”

David Gabriel, VP of Sales went on to say “I was certainly pleased to see the research show that 82% of digital comic readers are more likely to purchase our books from the comic stores.” He continued, “We’re making it easier for them by showing the related trade and the comic store locator information on the opening page” (see below)

“This is a symbiotic relationship, between the online landscape and the brick-and-mortar retail world”, adds Dokes. “Bottom line is more fans in comic shops, more sales of trades, healthier industry overall.”

Readers are invited to log onto, click on “Digital Comics”, and see the beauty of the system for themselves. There are currently over two dozen books from a wide variety of titles to choose from.

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