The Portent #1 sells out

Just as the second issue of the acclaimed miniseries hit the stands, Image Comics is announcing a complete sell out of Peter Bergting’s THE PORTENT #1!

“I’m thrilled that it has been so well received,” says Bergting. “Not least because it’s a very personal story. I try to write from the heart and you can only hope that the book will strike a chord with the audience.”

Not only has THE PORTENT struck a chord with fans and reviewers, but also with industry professionals. “It’s phenomenal! This is a book (and an artist whose work) I’ll be buying as long as he’s putting it out…!” says Mike Wieringo (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man). Michael Kaluta (The Shadow) exclaims “I LOVE the art!” while Christopher Moeller (JLA: A League of One) enthuses “Brilliant stuff! Really beautiful, and great storytelling!”

THE PORTENT is the story of Milo, a man who has absolutely no interest in the world or other people. Through forces he cannot control, he sets out to become a hero – but for all the wrong reasons. He ends up destroying the world and then heads on to find the ancient demon who set everything in motion in an attempt to try to set things right. At the crossroads between this world and the next, Milo finally must take a stand, and in doing so, learn just what it takes to be a hero.

“THE PORTENT is set in a world that is in the twilight days of its existence with the spirits of the dead ever present,” explains Bergting. “I’ve tried to create a new mythology drawing influences from norse and chinese mythology and I really look forward to taking the readers along for the ride.”

THE PORTENT is a bi-monthly four-issue miniseries. Currently on sale now is THE PORTENT #2 (FEB061785), with issue #3 available for pre-order in the current Previews, scheduled to ship in June.

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