X-Men Classics Reimagined in X-Men: Fairy Tales

In the tradition of the classic X-Men story “Kitty’s Fairy Tale,” the new limited series X-Men: Fairy Tales takes everybody’s favorite mutants and thrusts them into whole new worlds of myths and fables

The first issue of X-Men: Fairy Tales features an X-Men reinvisioning of the classic Japanese tale of Momotaro, the Peach-Boy. In X-Men Fairy Tales, Momotaro is born with a peach pit for an eye and, when removed, is able to shoot ruby-red optic blasts. As a result of his bizarre powers, Momotaro remains in seclusion with his adopted parents, afraid of how the outside world will treat someone so different.

When an unassuming bald Monk comes across the Peach-Boy, he shows Momotaro that his gift is something to be proud of. So the Peach-Boy joins up with the Monk in order to defeat the evil demons that have plagued his lands and captured a familiar-looking red-haired princess.

X-Men: Fairy Tales #1 is not to be missed as classic X-Men stories and global fables and myths are interwoven to create all-new stories.

X-Men Fairy Tales coverX-Men Fairy Tales Page 1X-Men Fairy Tales Page 2X-Men Fairy Tales Page 3X-Men Fairy Tales Page 4X-Men Fairy Tales Page 5

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