New ‘Marvel Universe; area of Spotlights Breakthrough writer – You! Creative Director Peter Olson has an immense resource to turn to while compiling the encyclopedic online “Marvel Universe”. Namely, everybody.

“Basically, people write an entry and submit it at the website,” explains Olson. “They can choose a favorite hero, a baddie, a storyline they followed, just about anything that has appeared in a Marvel comic over our entire publishing history. Then, it goes past a team of approvers and if it all shakes out, voila! That fan becomes part of Marvel history.”

The entries for the Marvel Universe section of the website encompass diverse subjects such as heroes, villains, teams, devices, and even particular events. The goal is to build an online reference guide that will showcase the cornucopia that is the Marvel Universe and give fans a chance to become part of the construction.

“For the fans, by the fans. That’s our motto for the Marvel Universe content,” says John Dokes, VP Marketing and Business Development. “Above all, this should be fun-and with the Marvel Universe, what else could it really be?”

“One of the strongest suggestions we make in the Marvel Universe guidelines is that you imagine that you are a commentator in the Marvel Universe, witnessing the events, the battles, and the drama first hand. By doing this, you’ll be creating an entry that will not only be exciting for others to read, but exciting for you to write.”

For those that may need a bit of coaching on how to write for the Marvel Universe, there are complete guidelines on the site, walking the excited writer through the process of creating entries as well as giving pointers on grammar and dynamic presentation and even providing templates for shaping your entry.

If seeing an entry written by themselves online at wasn’t enough, fans will also earn Hero Points for each approved submission. members who earn enough Hero Points can then approve other fans’ submissions. These Hero Points will also be used throughout the website for some super-cool and exclusive stuff.

Dokes nods knowingly. “More info to follow on the Hero Points . . . definitely something everyone will want to watch out for. We’ve had an amazing response so far but it’s not too late to get in there and get your Hero Points.”

Interested parties are enthusiastically invited to hop onto and view the multitude of Marvel Universe entries already submitted and ponder what corner of the Universe they can make their own.

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