Wolverine: Origins #1 Sells Out, Second Issue to Have 50/50 Variant

Michael Bailey of SilverBulletComicBooks.com says, “I highly recommend that you give this book a try. Daniel Way has such a great handle on the character… This comic has the potential to change Wolverine forever.”

Kenneth Gallant of BrokenFrontier.com calls it “a thrilling start to what could obviously be a classic series many years from now.”

The upcoming Wolverine: Origins #2 features two covers being shipped in 50/50 quantities; the first is an eye-catching cover by Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch as well as one by regular cover artist Joe Quesada.

After the events of the first issue, the U.S. government decides to go on the offensive and neutralize Wolverine using a super-soldier of their own in Wolverine: Origins #2. Out of desperation, the powers-that-be resort to using the insane soldier Nuke.

Having squared off against Daredevil and Captain America in the past, Nuke is just as his name implies: the nuclear option when all others have been exhausted. Which genetically enhanced super-soldier will win out and how exactly are the pasts of Wolverine and Nuke tied together? Find out in Wolverine: Origins #2.

Wolverine Origins #2Wolverine Origins #2Wolverine Origins #2Wolverine Origins #2Wolverine Origins #2Wolverine Origins #2

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