A Civil War Vendetta in Wolverine #42

Wolverine is on a mission of vengeance after the tragedy in Stamford, CT that occurs in Civil War #1, but he isn’t the only one on the trail of the person responsible. In Wolverine #42, a mysterious trio is also hunting the culprit, but will they aid Logan or just get in his way?

When Logan learns the identities of the three hunters, even he becomes unsettled. Just wait until Logan finds out who they answer to.

Marc Guggenheim, veteran television writer of such shows as The Practice, Law and Order, and most recently CSI, takes over as writer in Wolverine #42 for the first part of “Vendetta,” a Civil War tie-in. Guggenheim is joined by the frenetic pencils of Humberto Ramos as Wolverine is on the murderer’s trail.

Guggenheim and Ramos. Civil War tie-in. Wolverine on the hunt. How can you not pick up Wolverine #42?

Wolverine #42 cover Wolverine #42 page 1 Wolverine #42 page 2 Wolverine #42 page 3 Wolverine #42 page 5 and 6 Wolverine #42 page 7 Wolverine #42 page 8

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